Boys no matter the age group would always be attracted towards large machines such as bulldozers or heavy cargo transport vehicle. Lego Heavy Cargo Transport is one of the famous Lego City series. Lego enthusiasts would also include Lego light kit to enhance its distinctive features.

The core concept of the design

There are two parts of this whole Lego set. First would be the transport truck and the second part would be the helicopter, which is the cargo of the truck. Lego lovers would install a light kit for Lego heavy cargo Transport 60183 to enjoy the night view of the truck. It would take about 45 minutes to complete the whole structure. The Lego set would require 310 Lego bricks to complete the structure. There are two mini-figures included in the set.

Various features of the lighting kit

The installation method of the light kit for Lego heavy cargo Transport 60183 is very user-friendly.  Users would just have to follow the instruction manual to either customize or install the lighting kit. For the installation process, the user would not require any additional skills or knowledge.  For activating this lighting kit the user would have to just plug in the power source. All LED lights are small enough to hide underneath the Lego bricks and powerful enough to illuminate the whole model.

This lighting kit would include an expansion board, connecting cable, AA battery pack, white and red lights, and a USB power cable. The unique design of the light kit for Lego heavy cargo Transport 60183 would allow the user to link up several lighting kits of different brands and power it up from a single source.