While pet owners would be thoroughly familiar with the local pet shop, if you are a Lego enthusiast too, you would definitely love the idea of assembling 2032 Lego pieces to build the Pet Shop 10218 structure. Designed for Lego builders aged over 16 years, this Creator three-in-one set can be made more lively and glorious when the room lights are off, thanks to the extensive lighting kit from Lightailing.

Special Features of Pet Shop 10218

Apart from the minifigures of the shop owner, woman, a painter with a paint roller and a girl with a bicycle, the structure consists of the pets like parrots, cat, dog, goldfish inside the fish tank and their accessories like dog bones, birdhouse, brush, bucket, and frog toy. A hinged staircase leads you to the upper apartment filled with kitchenette and further to the upper loft that gives access to the interior below. Rooftop garden and attic with grown garden and the detailed townhouse adjacent are the special sections of the structure.  

Things to Know About Light Kit for Lego Pet Shop

Customized high quality white, blue, warm white and yellow LED lights and compatible LED wires are the main contents of the light kit for Lego Pet Shop 10218 and these will lighten up the lamp post, interior, and exterior to the three-storied pet shop. The AA batteries are not included in the package but you can get them separately and insert in the battery pack that powers the lights. The USB hub connects the light set up with the main power.

When you have finished assembling the Lego structure, open up the original light kit box and check each accessory inside the bubble film wrapped packets. Refer to the universally written installation steps from the instruction book.