Any Star Wars fan would definitely love the idea of introducing his/her little ones with the Lego Star Wars models as a first step to get acquainted with the legendary sci-fi universe. With only 77 Lego pieces from the Lego Star Wars series, the TIE Fighter Attack 75237 model is appropriate for kids as small as four years and above. Take a down memory lane journey while your kids assemble the pieces with your help and then add LEDs to the structure to surprise them with the night view of the mighty Imperial starship.

What Is Special About TIE Fighter Attack 75237

With Rebel Fleet Trooper and TIE Fighter pilot minifigures, the Lego TIE Fighter Attack structure comes with Starter Bricks and learning sets for young builders. As a miniature TIE Fighter from Star Wars A New Hope, there is an opening cockpit with space for minifigure and Rebel Command Station. The Starter Bricks for wings and lower frame, as well as the two blaster weapons, will thoroughly enchant the juniors.    

Light Kit for TIE Fighter Attack

For lightening up the Starship and Rebel Command Station, the light kit for Lego TIE fighter attack set 75237 consists of a warm white 30cm light, a warm white 15cm light and four red LED lights each having 15cm. Two Lego 1x2 Flat Tiles are offered for extra customization of the model. The light kit also comes with Adhesive Square, an expansion board with eight ports and 30cm USB cord for the USB Hub.

Keep the after sales warranty card safely and purchase some AA batteries to insert in the battery pack. No matter whether you have electrical knowledge or not, the user guide, as well as an instruction book, will help you in installation.