Dating back to 1762, the Trevi Fountain –a masterpiece by designer Nicola Salvi, will come to life when you have assembled the 731 Lego pieces for the Lego Trevi Fountain 21020 structure from Lego Architecture series. If you have ever visited the fountain or seen it somewhere, building the Palazzo Poli façade, the statuettes of Health, Abundance and Ocean and the fountain itself will be like a dream come true. Adding lights and create a night view is made possible with the lighting kit that includes –    

  • When it comes to lightening up the largest and grandest fountain in Roman history, you will get blue LEDs for the fountain structure itself, green and blue LEDs for the windows of the ground and first floor of the Palazzo Poli building and warm white LED lights for the façade on the backdrop of the statues.
  • The kit contains a USB hub with a USB cord and a connecting wire to keep the lights connected with the battery pack. Although the battery pack is included in the package, you have to purchase the AA batteries separately to power up the lights.
  • The universal instruction manual is the most important part of the lighting kit because here you will find steps of installation of the lights in a detailed way and easily understandable language.

Inside the hardy Lightailing box, the lighting accessories are kept in plastic bags separately and they are further wrapped in bubble film to avoid any tampering or handling damage. Test the lights and accessories once you open the box to check whether all of them are functioning properly and have no damage.