From the Lego Creator series, the Vacation Getaways 31052 set will let you create a campsite on a sunny day by assembling 792 Lego pieces. The high lighting features of the set, the camper trailer, and the motorboat will come to life when you have installed the LEDs in them so that they keep shining even when it is dark. Once you have placed the minifigures, brick bear, barbecue, trees, flowers, chairs, and table, etc. along with the interior accessories of the trailer, check what is inside the light kit –  

  • In order to lighten up the headlights of the trailer along with its sides and interiors, you will get natural white LED lights and warm toned white LED lights respectively. For the motorboat, you will get red and green LED lights from Lightailing.
  • Although the AA batteries are not included inside the light kit box, you will get a Battery Pack for which you have to purchase the batteries as the lights are powered by the batteries.
  • A USB hub is included in the package with connecting cables and USB cable to keep the lighting accessories connected with the primary power source.
  • The sturdy original Lightailing box also consists of the universally written Instruction manuals where you will get the idea of how to install the lights and connect the wires safely.

Once you are done setting up the lights, plug in the USB hub and do a test play to check whether all the lights are lit perfectly. In case there is any problem with any accessories, which is unlikely, opt for a replacement.