Relive in your childhood days when playing with toy train was a favorite pastime, with the Lego High-speed Passenger Train 60051 from Lego City category. After assembling the 610 Lego pieces, open up the Lightailing light kit to find the following.  

  • In order to lighten up the train along with the railway crossing and driver’s cabin, you will be offered six white lights measuring 15 cm each, three-strip lights of warm white tone and two red lights with slow flashing feature measuring 30 cm each.
  • Three expansion boards will be included in the package, each with 6 ports. As complementary to the original Lego Passenger Train structure, there will be one 1x2 Lego Plate and three 1x6 Lego plates.
  • To connect the LED wires with the main power, there is a USB Hub with USB cable measuring 30 cm while two CR2032 Round Battery Packs are offered to contain the AA batteries that power the lights. However, make sure you purchase the batteries separately as those are not included in the light kit.
  • To connect the lights with the batteries and the USB, there are two connecting cables measuring 30 cm each and two connecting cables measuring 15 cm each.
  • The lighting kit also consists of the after sale warranty card, user guide and the instruction manual, referring to which you can understand how you can install the light accessories safely and easily.   

Warm white lights and red lights will lighten up the interior of the train as well as the driver’s cabin and the front and rear lights, railway posts, and the crossing. No more overshadowing in the dark when Lego lights are there.