Every Harry Potter fan would know the express train that would be stationed at the London 9¾ platform. Following the popularity of the express, Lego has launched the miniature version of the iconic express of the magical world. Harry Potter and Lego enthusiast would add lighting kit to bring out its realistic features of this express.

Various features of the lighting set

Though the Lego set would appear marvelous during the day, it would look dull and boring during the night. For this reason, Lego lovers would install lighting kit in this set. The installation process of the light kit for Lego Hogwarts Express set 75955 is very user-friendly. This set has more than ten high-quality LED lights, which would illuminate the whole Lego structure. All connecting cables of the lighting kit are thin enough to fit within the gap or underneath the Lego bricks.

The kit would not affect the outlook of the miniature express model. The unique design of the light kit for Lego Hogwarts Express set 751955 would allow the user to link up with another lighting kit. The user could activate the whole set from a single power source. For the installation, the user would just have to follow the instruction manual.

The theme of the model

The main theme of the Lego set would be the scenario of the King’s Cross Station where several magical students would board the express train. Lego lovers would install a light kit for Lego Hogwarts Express set 75955 for bringing out its magical shine during the night time. The task of this train is to carry every student to Hogwarts castle of Wizardry and Witchcraft. This Lego set come with 801 pieces with along with six mini-figures from the Harry Potter movie.