Reliving in the magical world of Harry Potter might have been possible with the Lego Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953, but the main attraction lies in giving the structure sufficient lighting so that no matter whether it is dark, the magic never ceases. No worry about overshadowing Lego structure and no complication lying with installing the light kit, Lightailing makes sure you have only the fondest of memories surrounding the generally super-angry living tree from the Harry Potter franchise. What lies inside bubble wrap plastic packets in the thick lighting kit box are –

  • 17 white LEDs in the package include one white light of 30 cm, seven 15 cm white lights with a warm tone, eight 30 cm white lights with warm tone and the strip light off warm white tone.
  • You will get random colored one 1x6 Lego plate and four 1x2 Lego plates. The 30 cm USB cord and the connecting cable with 15 cm length are compatible with the USB hub available in the package and the battery pack where AA batteries purchased separately should be inserted.
  • Other lighting accessories include two expansion boards with 8 ports and 12 ports respectively, one CR2032 Oval Battery Pack, Tweezers and two adhesive squares.
  • For quick and hassle-free installation of the light kit, there is a user guide and an instruction book written in a universal language.

 With 753 unique pieces, the set lets you place your beloved mini-figures of Harry, Hermione, Ron as well as Professor Snape, Argus Filch, Seamus Finnegan and of course, Hedwig in the scenario and add some magical lights.