lighting  Batmobile 70905

When talks about the entertainment then its oboes to comes in thought DC movies. One of the most iconic fictional DC characters in the world, Batman is proof you don't need superpowers to be a superhero.He's developed an And he's assembled teams of his fellow DC Super Heroes, like the Justice League, the Outsiders and Batman, Incorporated. 

Theme of Batmobile 

Batman has dedicated his life to an endless battle, He has weaponized vehicle that is Batmobile , having features of  accesses through a hidden entrance, it used in fight against the criminals. This LEGO set  features the batmobile with dual cockpit, Multidirectional wheels, parallel parking, race mode and best monster truck mode. It includes five mini-figures are Batman, Robin, Man-Bat and two Kabuki Twins figures

Customer Experience of Batmobile

 Lighting kit makes the remarkable to Fiction Batmobile. It completed set by giving live into that, The flasher beacon, blinking light located on top of the attached roll bar arch with the front & rear wrap around windshield.
Front bat-beam/parking lights, Robin's radar detect-a-scope screen,soft blue non-blinking installed under main dash board. To light up the dark interior, I drilled out batman's bat compass in the middle & I have installed the blue led light in the bat compass for a cool lighting effect.

This led lighting kit is a blast & added value to set replica die-cast 1/18th scale metal Batmobile whether you can  purchase it from lightailing  standard Batmobile light kit, or the elite version or what ever version you choose.
Very high marks indeed!