The London Bus 10258 is a Lego Creator model that would be the best for the beginner fans who are enthusiasts of making models. The model takes the shape of the classic double-decker bus often found in London. The light kit would add outstanding detailing to the model. At night, the bus would look lifelike.

The uniqueness of the light kit

The light kit of Lego London Bus 10258 is specially made to light up the interior of the bus. While the interiors of the bus are illuminated, the detailing can be seen clearly. The exterior lights are also attachable in the model and you can get it in the kit also. The exterior lights are diverse as the headlamps and fog lamps are present. It would be very interesting for the fans to integrate the light kits.

Theme of Lego set

In the light kit of Lego London Bus 10258, you can get the strip lights of the brown color. The micro LEDs are also present that you can attach as the fog lights to the model. Attach the strip lights in the interior of the bus, conveniently at the sitting space.

The AA battery box is present which can be used as the power source. The user is able to complete the circuit in no time as efficient wiring is present in the Lego lighting kit.

Instruction book comes complimentary with the set where the users can easily set up the light in a perfect procedure. Micro red LED lights can be placed at the back of the bus as the brake light. An interesting fact about Lego lights is that it is compatible with most of the other set models.