Feel the thrill of building the famous tower bridge of London with London Tower Bridge LEGO set. Add the lighting kit with your model and watch your tower bridge flourish not only during the day but even at night. This LEGO set consists of four miniature vehicles such as a yellow truck, a green automobile, a black Taxi, and the historical Red Double Decker Bus. This set also features the famous paired towers and the drawbridge which you actually will be able to open and close.

Features of Light kit for Tower Bridge set 10214

The LEGO model of the iconic London Tower Bridge is a beauty to behold. But with the addition of the Light kit for Tower Bridge set 10214, your model will look more fresh and exciting. Designed specifically for this LEGO set, you will be able to put the LED lights even beneath the bricks to hide them. The prime quality of the lights will enlighten your model and make it come alive even when they are well hidden. It is extremely easy to light up your model with the step-by-step guide of the instructions book. Any electronics knowledge is barely needed because of the plug-and-play system.

Light kit for Tower Bridge set 10214 consists of customized LED wire, LED lights and bricks. The instructions books, USB-Hub are also included with the AA battery pack.  

Effect of the Lighting Kit

As a LEGO Creator Expert set, the London Tower Bridge needs over 4000 pieces of functioning LEGO pieces to complete. Thus this set features an abundance of details which you can miss. But after illuminating the model with Light kit for Tower Bridge set 10214, it will be difficult to miss even one tiny detail and enjoy the rich experience.