Recreate the grand fictional starship Millennium Falcon; with the amazing Lego Millennium Falcon set and refresh your memories of the classic Star Wars movies. With the addition of the lighting kit, give your model a magical appearance. This model consists of over 1200 functioning Lego pieces with which you’ll be making the iconic starship.

Brilliant Features of the Lighting Kit

You can use the Light Kit for Lego Millennium Falcon Set 75105 to give your personal Millennium Falcon the grand appearance it requires. Made with pure ingredients, the lights will give the model the exact amount of light it needs to look bold and beautiful. Exclusively made for this Lego set, you can place the lights within the gaps or underneath the bricks. Thus the lights will not affect the outer look of your model but will still illuminate it.

The instructions guide provided by Light Kit for Lego Millennium Falcon Set 75105 makes it extremely easy for you to install the kits. The plug and play system of the kits requires no knowledge about electronics. It makes it much easier to light up your masterpiece and make it look picture-perfect. This light kit comes with customized LED lights, LED wires and bricks.  The set also includes an AA Battery Pack as you will only need to buy the batteries and the USB-Hub.

Theme and Effect of the Lighting Kit

The theme of the Light Kit for Lego Millennium Falcon Set 75105 is to make your starship model look more glorious. With the addition of this light kit, your model will look even better at day and in the darkness of the night, the lego set will come alive even more vibrantly.