With 2670 Lego pieces, the New Carousel 10257 set from Lego Creator series is something that you can never get enough of. After you have assembled the animal rides along with the seven minifigures of parents, ride operator, boy, girl, granddaughter, and grandma, have a look at the contents inside the Lightailing light kit box –

  • You will get as many as forty-eight white lights each measuring 15 cm, six strip lights with a warm white glow, six colored low flashing lights each measuring 15 cm and two light strings of multi-color. Warm white lights will lighten up the base and the hem of the textile canopy while the rounding boards will be lightened up with blue, yellow and red lights. The riding area is also lightened by the white and warm white lights.
  • Six expansion boards with 12 ports are included in the package. In accordance with the original Lego structure, you will get two adhesive squares, six 1x6 Lego plates and six 1x1 Trans Clear Lego Round Plates with which you can customize the original structure.
  • The package includes ten connecting cables each measuring 5 cm and one connecting cable measuring 15 cm. For the USB Hub, you will get one USB cable of 30 cm length.
  • Warranty card after sales is available with the user guide book and the instruction manual which describes the lighting accessories installation process in a universal language for ease of understanding.

 No more worrying about losing your Lego structure into oblivion when room lights are out. The easily installable Lightailing LED lights will offer sufficient brightness regardless of surrounding light condition.