The Lego Palace Cinema 10232 from the Creator series is designed with 2194 pieces and although it sounds to be quite a complicated structure, this one is suitable for anyone over 16 years of age. As the craze is now for installing the LED lights to the structure, you can easily check out the Lightailing lighting kit which will make your structure glowing even when the room is dark.

Special Features of Lego Palace Cinema 10232

With six mini-figurines namely the male and female guest, cinema worker, child artist, photographer, and the chauffeur, the Palace Cinema structure has some special elements like red baseplate, gold plates, and dark tan and dark red plates. There is a detailed lobby, large screen theatre with reclining seats, sidewalks filled with movie stars, concession stands, and projector.

The classic limousine is hard to miss and so are the exterior features of the cinema hall such as spire studded tower, decorated rooftop, brick made entrance, ticket area etc. this two-story structure even comes with two spotlights.

What to Expect From Light Kit

The light kit for Lego Palace Cinema 10232 set consists of some customized LED lights and wires along with some custom Lego bricks. The USB hub with a USB cord will be connected to the main power so that the Battery pack gets powered enough to lighten up the LEDs. You have to get the AA batteries separately though.

Inside the original box, the universally written instruction manual will guide you through step by step in installation of the lights and wires comfortably beneath the pieces without tampering.