Creating the night view of Paris skyline with 649 odd Lego pieces can literally give you a mini-tour to this city of romance. Designed for Lego enthusiasts over twelve years of age, this iconic set from Lego Architecture set garners interest in history, architecture, and travel.

Special Features of Paris 21044

As the panoramic Paris skyline building is concerned, the Paris 21044 features a number of famous architectural digests like the Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Champs Elysees, Grand Palais, etc. the realistic Lego pieces are offered for each structure in such a way that their comparative height matches with that in real world.

You can create the base of the skyline model with 4x32 Lego tiles which depict the word Paris on the nameplate. Besides the tree-lined areas and grassy field is also part of the charm along with the booklet containing the architectural history of each structure in Paris in English and French language.

Light Kit for Paris 21044

Inside the properly packed and bubble-film wrapped light kit for Lego Paris 21044 set, you will get warm white toned fourteen 15cm lights, one 30cm light, and one strip light, one slow flashing 30cm colored light and four slow flashing 15cm colored lights. Three expansion boards with six, eight and twelve ports respectively are accompanied by connecting cables –one 5cm and two 15cm as well as 30cm USB cord.

A battery pack for AA batteries, adhesive square, after sale card, instruction manual, user guide are also part of the kit along with custom Lego pieces –one 1x2 plate, one 1x6 plate, and six 1x1 plates.