With only 285 Lego pieces, the three-in-one Lego Space Shutter Explorer 31066 set from Lego Creator series is designed for kids aged between seven and twelve years. However, any astronomy nerd and Lego enthusiast would love to enjoy assembling this beginner model as well as try installing the light accessories from Lightailing light kit.

Special Features of Space Shuttle Explorer Set

Be it Space Shuttle or Moon Station having a control panel, robotic arm and detailed interior, or the Space Rover having drilling arm and opening cockpit, the Space Shuttle Explorer in its grey, white and black color themes will surely enchant you. There is minifigure astronaut having a removable jetpack, foldout winged satellite, robotic armed payload bay, tinted canopy, large engines, and a minifigure cockpit. Fold satellite wings for space journey, open payload bay for satellite access or get jetpack for spacewalks – the choice is yours.

About Lighting Kit for Lego Space Shuttle Explorer

A colored slow flashing 30cm light, two red slow flashing lights each measuring 15cm, a blue 15cm light, a warm white 15cm light and five red lights with 15cm length each are the main accessories of the light kit for Lego Space Explorer set 31066. While the 30cm USB cord connects the USB hub with lights, the connecting cable of 5cm connects the lights together. You will get two expansion boards of 6 and 8 ports along with warranty card, square and battery pack although the AA batteries are not included in the package.

Customizing the structure is possible with the Lego Round 1x1 Trans-Clear Plate, two Lego 1x1x2/3 Roof Tiles and a Lego Round 1x1 Trans-Yellow Plate. Follow each step described in the user guide book and instruction manual properly.