The Lego Jakku quad jumper set is a model of Lego which is manufactured with the inspiration of Jakku Quad Jumper of the Star Wars series. The Lego lighting set would give the user a chance to add aesthetic beauty to the set.

Some components included in the lighting set

In the light kit for Lego Jakku Quad Jumper Set 75178, you can get several components, which could bring out the real charm of the LEGO set. The Lego lighting set comes with LED lights and wires. The wires are pretty thin and they allow the user to conveniently complete the circuit and illuminate the model. The lights in the kit come in three different colors. You can get the blue, white and brown colors.

The AA battery pack is also available in the kit. Nevertheless, the user needs to buy the batteries. The USB hub present in the light kit for Lego Jakku Quad Jumper Set 75178 can help you to easily illuminate all the lights completing the circuit. It is not necessary for the user to have the technical knowledge of the circuit. The instruction book is present with the Lego light kit. It can ease the process of light installation.

Concept of the Light kit

The Jakku Quad Jumper is a vehicle that is used to ease the process of jumping between the orbital. As a powerful vehicle, the brown and white lights are included in the lighting set. If a user puts the lights properly into all positions, the model would look outstanding. Moreover, it might seem to be a funky showpiece in the dark.