Nurturing your inner craze for automobiles seems impossible when you do not have the number of resources, but the problem is somewhat solved most charmingly by the Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220. This vintage vehicle from 1962 comes to life with the magnificent detailing with the 1334 Lego pieces. From the V-shaped color split to the front to the eleven windows offering a glance at the seats –everything of this Lego structure becomes more beautiful with the help of the LED lights from Lightailing. If you have finished assembling the van, it is time to look at what is inside the bubble-wrap plastic packets in the Lighting kit box –

  • The lights for the structure include one strip light of natural white tone and ten warm white lights measuring 30 cm. The lights will alleviate up the front headlights and the interior.
  • As for the complimentary Lego pieces, you will get eight random colored 2x4 Lego plates, two 4x6 Lego plates and one 1x2 Lego plate which would let you customize the pre-assembled Lego Volkswagen van.
  • For powering up the lights, there is a CR2032 Oval battery pack while a USB power cord measuring 30 cm will connect the lights to main power. There is also an expansion board with 12 ports.
  • You will get an after sales warranty card, a user guide, and an instruction book depicting detailed steps of installation in a universal language.  

You no longer have to worry about having your tirelessly assembled structure get lost into oblivion when the room is dark because the high quality LED lights offer sufficient brightness.