Since LEGO was introduced, it was able to attract both children and adults due to its uniqueness. The third most populous city in the United States, Chicago could become a very interesting Lego project because of the variety of architecture are abundant in that city. For increasing the charm of the city, Lego lovers would install lighting kit in the Lego set.

LEGO Theme and Concept

The theme of this LEGO set is to create a detailed model of the enormous city of Chicago. The model set contains over 400 pieces by which you can create your own Chicago. Installing Light Kit for Lego Chicago 21033 will make your model more charming and provide a unique flair. The elegant Chicago River is represented too in the tiled base plate making the model more authentic and adding an extra dimension.

Effect of Light in the LEGO Set

This beautifully detailed model is an extravaganza by itself; it would not look as charming at night as it looks during the day.  Light Kit for Lego Chicago 21033 set is specifically designed for the Lego model of Chicago City to bring mystical shine to the City made by you. The Plug-in power makes your model light up very quickly. The handy step-by-step instruction guide makes the customization look easier and requires less hard work.

The set would various color lights, AA battery packs, and connecting cables. The design of the Light Kit for Lego Chicago 21033 would allow its user to link up several lighting kits and power it up from a single source.