The Imperial Star Destroyer 75055 is one of the most detailed Lego setup belonging to the series of Star Wars. The lighting kit would make this model more spectacular and one can adore its beauty during the night. Any Star Wars fans would be able to relate with the model as they attach the light kit to it.

Features of the light kit for Imperial Star Destroyer

As the Imperial Star Destroyer is a fighter plane, the light kit contains the lighting elements according to that. The light kit for Lego Imperial star Destroyer 75055 would be able to create an ambiance suitable to the starship. There are bright LED lights of white blue and brown color that can be attached to the plane. Convenient wiring always helps the user to avoid hampering the main model.

A battery box also comes with the box. Furthermore, the instruction booklet also comes along with the kit. This would always help the novice Lego fans to attach the light kit easily. The light kit for Lego Imperial star Destroyer 75055 comes with a USB connector that helps you to make the circuit complete without any technical knowledge.   

Concepts of the light Kit

Bight white LEDs along with blue lights are present in the light kit. It gives the plane a realistic outlook. You can attach the lights in different positions according to your creative needs. The brown LEDs can be attached at the back of the model as they can resemble fire. The light kit for Lego Imperial Destroyer 75055 can give prolonged service for its efficient batteries.