The Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 is a Lego model that belongs to the Harry Potter series. This model would be very interesting for the Harry Potter fans. The Great Hall is a place where each student of the Hogwarts School assembled for the daily meals. Moreover, the Sorting Ceremony of the first year students takes place here.

Outstanding features of the Lego lighting Kit

A Lego lighting kit is available for the Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 that can provide exotic beauty to the set. The light kit for Lego Hogwarts great hall 75954 would be more interesting for the Lego fans. The bit lights, strip lights, and the micro bit lights are present in enough numbers that can illuminate in large numbers. There are connecting cables and expansion boards with the kit that helps the user to create the circuits.

The adhesive squares along with the user-friendly connecting wires are present in the light kit for Lego Hogwarts great hall 75954. These components make sure that you can install the light kit without hampering the outer design of the model. Assorted Lego pieces can also help you ease the installation.

Effects you can create with the lighting kit

There are some outstanding effects that you can create with the light kit for Lego Hogwarts great hall 75954. You can attach the micro light at the indoor part to add detailing like the candles and Hagrid’s lantern. Strip lightings can add outstanding brightness to the set. The lighting kit would bring out features similar to the Harry Potter movie.