Any proud nerd who is mad about Star Wars would obviously love the adorable astromech droid R2-D2 from the Star Wars Galaxy movie. Anyone over 16 years of age can try their skill of Lego building with the 2127 pieces of the R2-D2 10225 set especially when there are lighting kits from Lightailing. You no longer have to keep your droid structure in darkness because the high-quality LEDs will make it look lively and in action.

Special Features of Lego R2-D2 Set

From the Lego Star Wars franchise, the R2-D2 in the collector series comes with superb detailing all over its 12”x7” body. You can make it retract its third leg, open its front panel to show universally designed computer interface circular saw and rotating arm and even rotate its large head. There are also two fold-out arms that control spacecraft linkage according to the scene you customize. The minifigure of R2-D2 and the face plaque are the special attractions.

What to Know About the Lighting Kit For R2-D2  

After you have assembled all the pieces of the R2-D2 model, it is time to open up the original box of light kit for Lego R2-D2 set 10225 and unpack all the accessories packed separately inside bubble film wrapped packets. You will get custom LED lights and LED wires to lighten up the head of the droid in blue, white, yellow, red, purple flashing lights. Try some customization with the random colored bricks. Insert AA batteries in the battery pack and connect the USB cable with the USB hub.

Refer to the instruction manuals to know how to install the light kit, how to insert the wires through and beneath the Lego pieces without tampering them or ruining the look and how to set up the connection.