Lego brings you the Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 model from Marvel Superheroes franchise where you can fight and capture the villain Killmonger with the Royal Talon made by Nakia, sister of Black Panther. With only 358 pieces to assemble, this will be a piece of cake for kids in the age group of seven to fourteen years and they can even accompany you while installing the light kit.

Special Features of Lego Royal Talon Fighter Attack

With the minifigures of MCU superhero Black Panther, his genius sister Nakia and the villainous Ulysses Klaue and Killmonger come together for a fight. Create different scenario from the comics or movie with the Royal Talon in shape of an ancient mask –open the minifigure cockpit or prison compartment at rear side to enter minifigures, place the two stud shooters. The accessories include Killmonger’s mask and flick missile, Klaue’s robotic ultrasonic hand and Nakia’s disc blades.  

Light Kit for Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100

The seven red lights measuring 15cm each will lighten up the tail of the fighter jet while the warm white toned LEDs i.e. six lights with 15cm length each and two strip lights will lighten up the wings, front and the sides of the jet. The light kit for Lego Royal talon fighter attack set 76100 offers two connecting cables measuring 15cm each and another measuring 5cm along with a 30cm USB cord for the USB hub. The two expansion boards are there with 12 and 6 ports respectively besides the Adhesive Square, warranty card and battery pack (excluding AA batteries).

Seven Lego 1x2 Flat Tiles and two Lego 1x6 Plates are there for customization. You will also get instruction manual and user guide for installation of the lights.