If you are already a Star Wars fan and take pride in being a nerdy Lego enthusiast, Poe’s X-Wing Fighter 75102 set from the Lego Star Wars franchise will definitely be a head turner. This relatively smaller set with 717 Lego pieces is appropriate for your kids aged between eight and fourteen years and you can accompany them in setting up the lighting kit from Lightailing.

Special Features Of Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

Recreating the action-packed scenes from Star Wars The Force Awakens will be possible with the X-Wing fighter that offers weapons like a wrench and two blaster shooters. There are two stud shooters, four spring-loaded shooters, ammunition, missiles, weapon rack, and three helmets. The landing gear can be retracted, wings can be opened for combat and cockpit can be opened up to insert minifigures like Astromech Droid BB-8, Resistance Pilot, ground staff and Poe Dameron.

The Light Kit for Poe’s X-Wing Fighter Set

You will get customized high quality LED lights and compatible LED wires to lighten up this famous structure from Star Wars. The warm white toned lights are designed for lightening up the underneath of the ship while the four purple LEDs at the tail give it a complete look. After assembling the entire Lego structure, open up the light kit for Lego X-Wing Fighter 75102 and add the custom bricks for some customization. Although you have to buy the batteries separately, the AA batty pack will be there inside the box along with the USB hub.

A universal language is used in describing the light kit installation steps and hence the instruction books will be your all-in-one guide to lighten up the structure, even if you have no prior knowledge of electrics.