Use your Lego building skill to take a mini-tour to Sydney with the Lego Sydney 21032 structure that features the famous architectural marvels. If you are a beginner or wish to spend your time in assembling smaller structures, this model with 361 Lego pieces can be a great option. Appropriate for anyone above twelve years of age, this skyline model from Lego Architecture series can be given a magical night view with the lighting kit from Lightailing.

Special Features of Sydney 21032 Model

Featuring ‘Sydney’ on the base made of 4x32 tiles, the Lego Sydney structure looks complete with the Opera House, Sydney Tower, Deutsche Bank Place and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the river made of transparent tiles. You will learn about architectural heritage, history, and design about the structures and history of Sydney from the booklet written in English.  

About The Light Kit for Lego Sydney 21032

From the backlighting of the Opera House to the base and pinnacle of the Sydney Tower as well as the harbor –the light kit for Lego Sydney set 21032 lightens up all the highlighting features of the architectural digests. You will get a white 15cm light, three warm white LEDs with 15cm length each, three blue light having 15cm length each and five colored slow flashing LEDs each measuring 30cm. With the two Lego 1x1x2/3 Roof Tiles and two Lego Trans Clear 1x1 Round plates, you can customize the skyline.

Insert AA batteries inside the battery pack and pass the connecting cable (5cm) and USB cable (30cm) adhering to the installation steps depicted in the instruction manual and user guide book. Expansion board with 8 ports, two Adhesive Squares, and warranty card are the additional accessories.