The 2179-piece model from the Lego Simpsons series, the Kwik-E-Mart 71016 comes with the police car of Chief Wiggum featuring removable roof and opening trunk. From the opening walls on rear side to removable roof, secret vegetable garden to light blue walls, Kwik-E-Mart signage to Buzz Cola fountain, coffee machine to juice dispensers, arcade games to Powersauce bar crates, exit door to storage closet –the handmade light kits will highlight every detail.

Regardless of your electrical knowledge, the premium lighting kit from Briksmax is age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six years old. Each lighting accessory comes inside the plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble films to avoid damage. It has an after sales warranty card that is valid for two years from delivery. It is recommended that you check each accessory after unboxing and return the package if you find any malfunctioning or defective part within a week so that a replacement can be sent to you.

You will not get any battery in the lighting kit for The Kwik-E-Mart 71016 set, but an AA battery holder for which you have to get three batteries in advance. Finish assembling the Lego structure first so that you can customize with the Trans 1x2 Lego plate, light blue 1x1 Lego plate and two Trans Clear 1x1 Lego round plates. Keep the user guide for further light installation and follow the illustrated steps written on the universal instruction book for ease of light installation.

For counter, refrigerator, shelves and the façade of the Kwik-E-Mart, there are five blue 15cm LEDs, thirteen white 15cm LEDs and one blue light strip. There is one power cable measuring 30cm for the USB hub and two Adhesive Squares that are to be set up. Prepare the brick separator for smooth entry of the connecting wires and place one 8-port Expansion Board and three 6-port Expansion Boards. Pass the three 15cm cables and one 30cm cable smoothly between the stubs to keep them hidden.