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Here are some beach-mark views of customers for Disney Castle light kit.

Michelle McIntosh

Disney Castle!

I love how this lights up my castle!!! I enjoyed the picture instructions challenge, Once you had some things taken apart it was a challenge to get it back together, had to use my original build instructions to put it back together. It was worth it and the castle looks just awesome all lit up.

Richard Pascale

Disney castle light set!

I can’t get over how bright those lights are they are fantastic, I really love them that’s why I bought two sets from Lightailing one is for the castle and another one for buildings they really work great. I and my kids enjoyed a lot while installing.

 Mark A.

Great Set!

The Lego Castle light kit is a good addition to the castle, it lights up every part of the castle.The instructions are easy to follow and hiding the cable in the set is quite straight forward. Due to Flashing lights the tower change color too quickly - it would be nice to be able to have them match the base colors.It took me around 5 hours to install the lights as it does require the majority of the castle to be disassembled.