Lighting car is always a fascinating experience for everyone, We offer High quality and best performance for your lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS, this is proven with our customers remarkable reviews.

Here are some beach-mark views of customers for  Bugatti Chiron light kit.


Overall great little kit to light up your lego Volkswagen  van.

The kit was great and worked out well, I DID get instructions with the box and they were good pictures. The lights are well made, they are a little hard to fit around the existing legos, but it wasn't any harder than the lego kit itself. I'd say the only improvement to be had would be to hide the wires a little better but it isn't noticeable. Photos of finished product overall happy with it.

S. J. Green:

Light it up!
I built the model a few years ago and just recently came across this kit! It was fairly easy to install and I love the way it looks! Make sure you have a USB power bank on hand to plug it in.

Linda faith:

Granted we are no LEGO experts! It took both of us for about 16 hours. But the look on my sister's face was worth it all. Bought the lights too. She has it sitting on her fireplace in her house. IT IS NOT A TOY! After you put it together it comes apart in places if you lift it in the wrong spot. But the design behind it all is incredible! It was my first LEGO project and I got hooked!

Mike G:

Look great, worth the buy. Get a USB wall plug, too.
The lights look great! It really takes the model to the next level. All of the LED colors look fantastic, and all are properly pointing in the right directions.
I would have like to seen another light to highlight the "make Lego models..." sign, some extra pieces to manage the extra wire.
The only negative is that the battery box is improperly labeled as for AA batteries

Chantal Martineau:

Makes the Volkswagen Lego Bus eye-catching
Bought for a 13-year-old grandson who was thrilled to get this accessory to the Lego Volkswagen  Bus so that it lit up. He is a very good Lego assembler and had no trouble with installation.