Every lego creator build has a unique joy and fun, Lightailing extended it adding beautiful lighting effects and fascinated experience. We are delighted to share some of their reviews for Old Fishing Store.


Best Kit So far

This was my 4th lighting kit I have installed on my lego buildings and I have to say this was not only the easiest but the cleanest one I have done. The directions on this kit was a lot better than other kits as this one actually shows you the directional flow of lights, although others I have figured out. The wires are nicely hidden away in the roof on this build, which is partial in thanks to the building than the wiring. Truly easy to put together.

Steve Martin:


These lights transformed my lego fishing store. This is my first set with lights and it has become an amazing conversation piece. I purchased these as a test to see if I wanted to buy other sets for my other creator modular sets. And after my experience with these, YES! I'm going to light up the village. The only caution, is that you MUST study the photos in the instruction booklet carefully to see what bricks to fish the wires through. The photos are a bit dark, so this was challenging. Took about an hour and a half to figure it out, but patience prevailed. Highly recommended!

Karsten Florwé:

Great quality with a decent price, worth every penny!

There are a lot of light sets for this old fishing store Lego set but their prices are way over. I came across this product and the price is pretty decent which I would like to give a try. The package is great and it even comes with a battery box and a USB connector (saves my money again!). The most important thing is, the light looks awesome on the lego! I am super happy with my purchase.

Massimo Repossi:


I have received your product and I have already installed the kit. 
I am very satisfied with the result and I will order 
also the other kits for the other Lego modular buildings.


Great quality!

The lights were bright enough to light up the fishing shop my 9 year old son built. The quality of materials look like they will hold up under child use.