Right from its inception, Lego has forever tried to provide the models made with the inspiration of different cities and destinations. The lighting kits are available in the market that would add more vibrancy to the model.

Main attractions of the model

The Lego Las Vegas 21047 model shows up the magnificent hotels surrounding the stratosphere tower. The welcome board is also present in the model that can be lighted up by the light kit for Lego Las Vegas 21047.

You can find the street and desert detailing in the model in the base plate. While getting the light kit of Lego Las Vegas 21047, you can be sure to set it up just like the busy Fremont Street. Apart from the exterior lights that you can use on the streets, there are interior lights too that you can use inside the models. Lighting up the hotels can help you to add more detail to the model. The welcome board can be attached to the red light.

 The uniqueness about the kit

Lego lighting kits are easy to use as the users need to knowledge about producing circuits. They are all attached with themselves with the thin wires and plug-ins. Utmost flexibility is given by the light kit of Lego Las Vegas 21047. You can easily change the positions of the LED lights that can add variations to the scene during the night. The user can add the lighting variations to the Stratosphere towers as well as the hotels.

The instruction book complementary with the lighting kit can help the user a lot in easily assemble all the lights and have fun during the night. The user would see the satisfying beauty of the set.