Light Kit For Arc De Triomphe 21036

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cool look

It is really cool!
It is not that easy to install, to get the cables in place, I had to try it a few times until I managed it. The last connector, under the main plate is not fitting, so I think I will need to add an additional "layer" to have more space.
But it looks really great! :-)

Nice effect, but with flaws

Alltogether the light kit adds a nice touch to the model.

Unfortunately the wiring leads to ugly gaps and distortions of the model. Assuming you don't want to cut into your pieces, there is no way to prevent this the wires need to go somewhere after all.

The eternal flame in the center under the arc is fitted with a colorchanging LED. On one hand it's nice to have some "flickering" effect, but a blue or green flame is quite strange. Maybe some other solution can be found (like cycling through red, orange and yellow only?)

I like the way the wiring is handled: I have a Lightailing kit for the Trevi fountain. There all the wiring is presoldered und you just distribute the string of lights. This reduces the amount of wires, but reduces the flexibility of placement.

The Arc kit is from Briksmax and uses plugboards. Every LED has a length of wire with a connector, which fits into these boards at any plug. Multiple boards can be hooked together with a wire with connectors on both ends. This gives more flexibility for the light placement, but means a lot of wires. In my case: 11 lights = 11 wires, 3 plugboards, 2 connector wires and the power connector.

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