Light Kit For The New Carousel Set 10257

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Melis Van de pol

Easy to assemble

Albert Schepers

While testing the lights, as I installing, I discovered two things. The first was the delicacy of the connector of the battery box and short circuit in one of the connector bars, the joint was over soldered. I reported the latter, the short circuit, and it was promptly replaced, with two. I explained the problem with the battery box, my fault that the connector tore off, and that I was prepared to buy another, it too was replaced promptly.

I made a couple modifications to the suggested installation. the first was hanging the battery box rather than sitting it on top in this way it did not interfere with the upper covering. A second change was to clip the connectors using round 1x1 plate elements to the upper structure to keep them fixed in location.

cynthia Anderson

When I ordered the lighting kit for the carousel, I didn't realize that it was coming all the way from Singapore! The instruction booklet was incorrect. In the middle of the booklet it went from having the carousel directions to the Corner Garage! I had to contact them and ask for a new booklet that was all about the carousel......and that took several more weeks. I'll start to put it all together now that I have all the necessary information. All the other lighting systems that I've gotten were all good ….except one kit was missing a few lego parts that were required. I just worked around that and stuck the ceiling lights right onto the ceiling instead of attaching them to the lego pieces and then attacking them to the ceiling. Worked out okay.....just hope that the light boards will stay stuck onto the ceiling!

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