Lightailing Light Kit For Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093

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Marcus Leader
It was OK

The light kit was a very short and easy install, and the lights themselves were very bright. I had it in my corvette for about two days, but then I decided to put it in my LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, because the corvette and jeep have the same pieces for the tail lights. The tail light mounted up pretty easy, and then I used the inner light bar as a roof mounted light bar by just sticking it to the front of the roof. The headlights were a bit harder and don't really stay on that well, but I'm using it as a display and not to play with. The last two fog lights that were on the corvette, I had to add a piece to fit them in on top of the winch in the middle of the bumper.
This light kit was great and easy on the Jeep and Corvette, but even with brand new fully charged AA batteries, the USB battery pack that comes with it didn't work. It's just a battery pack and not really worth a refund, but I do wish it had worked. I can still plug it in to a wall USB plug though.

Hope this has been helpful, and I hope you might consider using it for the Jeep.

Cristian Bullorini

Light Kit For Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093

Wolfgang Krüger
Hammer- Licht

Die Ware wurde wie immer schnell und top verpackt versendet. Die Qualität der Steine und die Verarbeitung suchen seinesgleichen! Die Einbauanleitung ist hervorragend bebildert und somit sehr verständlich. Ich kenne kein vergleichbares Produkt, das da mithalten könnte! Für mich gibt es nur diese Beleuchtung für meine Modelle!

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