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Warre Doens
a mega awesome light set and with a lot of detail and super mega fat to definitely buy

Ferris wheel light set is very nice and cool because it is colorful because it changes color continuously and that is what makes this set so beautiful because the fairground theme really comes up and that is what this set does it brings colorful ferris wheel to life as you can see and that's so nice because it's coolest because ferris wheel is round that's also special that round looks so nice all and that is definitely a must you should definitely buy i definitely recommend buying it because it definitely has more value than lego fairground set because otherwise it just looks ordinary and we don't want that it has to be added because that is that the fair brings even more life and that ferris wheel is also very special what are the details of the curves and the gondolas and also of the cash register which also has light is also so wonderfully beautiful to see especially when it is dark or at night when you light it it is beautiful and also so cool that they include three switches mega fatntattic buy it definitely worth it bye!

joel bourrigaud
great kit

Very cool light system

Greg Roman
Battery location is a Great Idea , but tough to change.

The lights are awesome!! We had but the set on our Christmas display this year along with the Disney Castle which we also installed a Lightailing kit. Now I think the design to have the battery compartments in the middle of the wheel is genius when it comes to being discreet, however, when trying to change the battery once its dead (which happens pretty quickly) is very challenging. You almost have to take the center apart to accomplish this.

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