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Simon R
Fishing store

Great light kits as always had a few years now and they are really cool

Clifford Eve
Brought life to my Bait Shop kit.

Bought this on a whim and it turned out well. A bit fiddly, with very small wires, but got there in the end. This assumes you’ve built the model, I was worried if you had to incorporate it into the build. Also worth noting one light is a multicoloured strobe light which I didn’t realise when I got the kit, but is in the video on this site. Not my choice, but not something that ruins the effect.

If you want to bring a bit more out of your LEGO kit and you’re okay with a bit of fiddly wire manipulation then give it a whirl.

Nice and shiny

The set works as promised and the lights look even better than on the product pictures. I was surprised there was a blinking / color changing LED in the set. Looks cool but should maybe be advertised a bit clearer on the website. Also cable management could be better like more hidden in the basement of the tower. Also you cannot lift the roof without detaching a light brick every single time. You can probably come up with a better solution if you don't follow the instructions. I definitely recommend it. Shipping to Germany was fine and faster than announced. Nice!

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