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Alan Silcott
Awesome Support

I ordered 5 kits from lightailing including the Pet Shop. Of all 5 sets, there was a single bad strand in the Pet Shop kit. I emailed support, they responded promptly and got a new strand in the mail right away. I will definitely buy from Lightailing again.

Lego fan 1234
Wow. Amazing! 5+ stars!

This is my second LIGHTAILING lighting kit. ( Along with the ship in a Bottle ) and I am very pleased. My kit for the ship in a bottle had 100% genuine LEGO® parts, while this one had 2 Lepin ( knock off Lego) peices. One was the lamp post, and the other was a 1x4 clear. If you are a Lego fan, or know of someone who is, I definitely recommend this, it would make a great gift. But, the shipping takes a long time to arrive, but it is from China. I definitely recommend this set.
-Lego Fan 1234

Richard Whitehead
Brilliant addition

Was not sure what to expect from the light kit and so bought this one as a tester. Extremely pleasantly surprised. The kit is so much better than I could have hoped for.
The installation instructions were extremely clear and easy to follow.
Was so happy with the purchase i bought the light kits for all the other modular buildings that we own.

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