Lighting Lego Rally Race with 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy 75894

With nearly 500 Lego pieces, the kid-friendly 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy 75894 set will give you the car racing vibe through Lego building. Briksmax provides you the premium-quality LEDs and handmade accessories in the light kit so that your cars are always at the center of attraction even when it is dark.

Kids who love to play with different toy cars and adults who have a passion for vintage cars, as well as adrenaline-surging car races will find the structures from the Lego Speed Champions perfect. One such 2-in-1 set is the 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy 75894 that consists of 481 Lego pieces and is suitable for any Lego builder above eight years old. As the name suggests, the race is between the classic vintage 1967 Mini Cooper and the sleek modern 2018 MINI John Cooper. Regardless of your electrical knowledge, you can install the high-quality light kit from Briksmax.

Highlighting 1967 Mini Cooper and 2018 MINI John Cooper 75894 With Light Kit

Just like the Lego Technic set light kit, the Lego 75894 lighting kit comes in a hardy box that contains the lights and accessories in separate plastic packets secured by air-bubble sheets. The delicate accessories can cause choking hazards or get damaged or mingled up with Lego pieces if you start unpacking the light kit before finishing the structure.

There are four Minifigures including the drivers of the MINI John Cooper Works Buggy Rally and Mini Cooper S Rally with their respective helmets, the mechanic and the race marshal with his checkered flag and cap.

The light kit for Lego 75894 set  is age-appropriate for any Lego enthusiast above six years old. The brick separators need to be prepared in advance to make sure of the smooth passing of the connecting cables while you conceal them from the outer look.

The speedy 2018 MINI John Cooper stands two inches in height with a length of five inches and a width of two inches. The buildable race-ready 1967 Mini Cooper stands two inches in height with a length of three inches and a width of one inch. Remove their windshields to put the drivers in the respective cockpit.

The Lego lights  for the1967 Mini Cooper include white LEDs for headlights and taillights and warm white LEDs for the interior while that of 2018 MINI John Cooper include white LEDs for headlights, red LEDs for taillights and warm white LEDs for the interior.

Both the cars feature rubber tires on wheels, racing graphics stickers, translucent light elements, authentic designs, suspension and racing colors i.e. green color scheme for 2018 MINI John Cooper and red color scheme for 1967 Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper also has two spare tires on roof rack.   

Resembling the LED for Lego Technic, the light kit for 75894 will also highlight the fully equipped Pit Station standing five inches tall with eleven inches width and four inches depth. It features the buildable car jack stand where the car can be placed for the mechanic to inspect underneath with a wheeled creeper.

Also included are two movable opening tool cabinets, two computer screens, and assorted tools like ‘MINI’ sign, gas can, trophy, flag, and camera.   

Install the light kit only after a thorough inspection and refer to the illustrated universal instruction book along with the user guide. Get three batteries for the AA battery box and keep the main power below 5V.

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