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Excellent customer service

The ordered item was originally out of stock. I was notified when back in stock and ordered. shipping time was very lengthy, but once I contacted customer support they were prompt in keeping me informed. Shipping was very slow and I haven't talked to recipient since it arrived to find out how installation went.

Best for your MOC

I have used the 6-in-1 warm white to enlight windows of the cottage front, wich I have build on a piece of street to present the LEGO London Bus 10258 (enlighted with Briksmax) behind LEGO London Architecture 21034 (enlighted with Lightailing). Looks great, doesn't it!

Perfect Part for my MOC

I have build a MOC for my "London Shelf", a piece of road with a cottage front (and used the 6 stripes to enlight all the windows of it) to present London Bus 10258 behind London Architecture 21024. Looks great, doesn't it! :)

Instructions are tricky

This sets instructions were slightly unclear but overall I managed to assemble ok.
Lights look great with the white and pink


This was, by far, my favorite light set to install. Was super easy. Also seemed like Lego designed the set to be more conducive to adding lights.

Decent But Unnecessary Complicated

First time using lightailing and it was not the best experience. I thought since the lights were already attached together, it would be easier. However, it really does create a bit of a mess since a lot of the wires seem too long and needs to be wrapped around a lot. Also like a lot of the reviews say, the instructions are quite bad. And like another reviewer on here, I just decided not to use the instructions mostly. The overall lighting is very nice - but the lightstrip on the tree should be a bit softer.

Light Kit For Volkswagen Beetle 10252

Light Kit For The Guardians’ Ship 76193

Very nice set

the assembly process is illustrated by photos in which the connections are not always clearly visible. A simple electrical wire diagram could clarify this.!

Easy and looks good

Took me about an hour to fit in and instructions were easy to follow. Looks great lit up

Instructions poor

I love the lights , the instructions drive me nuts. Poorly lit photos and very vague descriptions.

Hello, we're sorry for that. We hope this video can help you finish installing:

Daily Bugle

Love the lights, very bright. One recommendation is to swap out bricks on the backside for technic bricks, easier to run lights thru with no damage to the wire.
(Pic is for example)

Orchid 10311

The item arrived quickly and was exactly as described.
Easy to assemble, and allowed Orchid 10311 to shine where it stands.

10300 lights

It’s the first time I’ve used lights with a Lego build. The instructions were a bit unclear and I looked online. The video helped, just because it was continuous and you could follow the steps. Using both the video and instructions worked best. There were some bits that I could follow: twisting the 2x1 blue light bricks to shorten the lead. But I fumbled through. All in all it does look great and I learnt a lot from the experience. Thankfully there wasn’t too much deconstruction to do.

Your lighting kit works great and looks pretty cool 😎

Just take your time.

This isn’t a rush project. Smaller hands preferred.
Really pretty when finished.

Beautiful and realistic

Traffic light with several manual options. It changes color on its own.
On the other hand, it does not remain fixed on a single color.

Light Kit For Paris 21044
Justin Rosebrook

Light Kit For Paris 21044

very nice, but missing some lights (the candles and top)

Very nice, but I would appreciate to have lights in the candles, and some lights on the top.
But love, the changing color.

Magnifique / Beautiful

Superbe, avec beaucoup de détail. Cela enjolive grandement votre set.
Nos amis ont été épatés par le rendu.
Beautiful, lot of detailed, all during Christmas time, lot of us and visitors were amazed.

Beautiful. Will give lot of power to your set

Beautiful, lot of detailed, all during Christmas time, lot of us and visitors were amazed.
With lights, it’s a completely different. I’m looking for other lights for other sets.
I’m fan now.

Infinity Gauntlet light kit 76191

I bought the gauntlet last year but didnt build it until I purchased the light kit. What I should have done is read the light kit instructions, instead I fully built the gauntlet then took it apart, no hardship as the instructions are spot on, easy to follow and within 30 minutes it was broken down, lights and wires fitted and reassembled, it worked first time with no issued and for my sausage fingers that's an achievement.
Well worth it, well worth the money, I cant see the gauntlet being displayed without lights


Très bon kit vraiment super


Installed it with out any problem, the
instructions was ok, but could be better .

love it

well lit, easy to operate. The second half of the instruction manual is a bit hard to understand so I reached out to customer service and they made a video on youtube explaining how to assemble.

Thanks !