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Very beautiful

Great kit!!! Wonderful!!!

Bugatti Chiron 42083 Light Kit

Fast Delivery, good quality

Everything was Just as expected :-)

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 Light Kit


So much better than I had expected with flashing lights and a great instruction booklet to help make the installation smooth and relatively easy.

Delivery was very fast, the product itself fits perfectly. The instructions are not always easy to understand, however it gives you an idea how to integrate all the cables into the lego set. I would buy another Lightailing product!!

It is the cherry on top of the cake.

You have to, you need to and you want to get this as a follow-up to the Ship in a Bottle set. Now I installed the lights, the ship feels very empty without the light on even during daytime. So I turn it on every time I am standing next to my ship and just stare at it LOL. It is a fun install and does have some difficulty to it because you are working.backward especially on a set with many many 1x2 and 1x1 plates stacked together to form a bigger piece. But not too difficult overall. The instruction booklet can do some revamping on the photo quality and perhaps add a few extra steps to address how does the wire runs- which I guessed and guessed right. All in all, I love it and I will look for other lighting add-one from this seller in the future!

Let there be light.

Great kit. What a difference it makes to my bugatti model.

Great set, easy to install

Better to insert it during constructoin though!

Perfect shop

Nice product

Everything work well

Great! I will buy again

Works perfect!

Works perfect and looks really amazing!

Ship in bottle lights

Fantastic product very easy to install and looks fantastic


It really makes the bank go WOW!!! Easy to build and great instruction book. Easy to follow and understand. All pieces where original Lego stamps on them. Would recommend this to anyone that want to really highlight there Lego Creator series.

Super chouette

Facile à monter.


Lighting is nice. Because of the Connected Wires its not really possible to separate the floors. Thats a -1 for me

Nearly perfect

The wirering is difficult and the wire from bus to the car was too short. Now the Bus have two lights. ;-) But overall it looks great.

All good except the cable length

Set gives an overall good impression, however the cable length for the cables that lead out of the building is very restricted and it is hard to put them under the bucket as suggested in the instructions without too much tension on the cables…

Great lighting kit but...

Lighting is great as always, with nice color touchs for each windows, a white light for each porch and slimy green light inside. Compared to my others Lightailing kits (Detective and Parisian Restaurant), it's much better in terms of "playability", as the set still opens easily. But it's also less bright, especially the white exterior lights, which tends to go dimmer and dimmer as the time goes by (they are almost extinct after a few hours being on). It's back to normal after a few hours being off, but that's a behaviour I didn't notice on other kits.

Overall, a very nice kit for a rare set, but not as good as the other "creator" kits !