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Lego Double Decker Bus

A very easy & a great looking kit to install. Turned out awesome...

Looks great, Instructions improvable

Looks like on the pictures, little to none seeable cables (say for power source)
For instructions:
1. Do the first step last - adding lights to the lander module is the easiest part but will hinder you the most.

2. Keep full functionality - When addind lights to RCS (4 1x1 stud lights) start with the second last light (#3) in the chain, then the last one and rewire (between #2 & #3) the same way back where you started. Continue with #1 & #2. This way you will still be able to open up the habitate.

3. Tight fit - the three blue lights hinder a nice closing. By simply removing the 2x8 black plate behind the 2 1x8 light-bluish-gray tiles, you can achieve a nice fit. (for ~0.30€ you can get: 1 1x8 + 2 1x2 black plate & 1 1x4 + 2 1x2 lbg tile => to modify for a stable and original look)

Great way to bring life to a Lego set

Overall, this is a really great set. The instructions are well done and if you can follow Lego instructions you should have no problem following these. The only warning I have is that for the most part these are just LED lights. They aren't built into the bricks like in some other sets. The only difficulty I had was trying to get the towers in the front wall lit, the adhesive pads had a hard time adhering to the bricks, but I got there. I did get my lights out of sync on the front wall, but that was my error in not plugging them in before I powered the light set.

Very very easy install love the way it turns out the end

Mando light up

Took a bit to actually get the kit. Went in pretty well. Instructions were a bit hard to see as the pictures were small and I am old. Turned out nice though. I want to figure out how to mount the battery pack inside the ship though. Seems pretty well made.

Great set

I just love the Briksmax lights. The instruktion guide is good and the end result is great.

Great lights

These lights really brought life to my winter village this Christmas. Definitely recommend.

Great light kit!

This is my first light kit and I absolutely love it! What makes it even better: the service is awesome!


Le kit est génial, il faut bien suivre le guide d’instruction, le kit se monte assez facilement. Le rendu est magnifique après installation. Je suis super content.
Le vendeur est super sympa , très bonne communication. Merci pour tout.


Parfait pour embellir un si beau set, dommage que certaines brick ne s'emboîtent pas parfaitement dû au passage des fils.

Very usefull product

I can highly recommend this product, it lives up to my expectations and is easy to install, my Lego Bugatti looks brilliant after installation. one small thing that can be changed should be the double sided adhesive tape, it is not as effective.

light it up

love the result, its amazing. you need some patient to do it but with all the detail in the instruction manual it's easy to follow. will order some more for my next lego project, continue the good work. thanks alot

Audi Quattro lighting kit

Works and looks great. Impressive.

Millennium falcon

Bellissimo effetto con l'lluminazione dei led.
Facile da montare

N ow a Robot Night light

Very happy with the product. Very well built but wish the USB had a 1m length on it + a circuit manual would have been nice in addition but I worked it out I the end.

Great Product and Service

I love how these lights have made many of my sets come to life. They honestly take LEGO sets to the next level! There a little hard to make at points, but it’s all worth the effort in the end. You’ll love your masterpiece in the end even more than before.

Good Kit

Received this kit for Christmas and was very excited to light up my Falcon :)
I was a little daunted by the instructions but when I dived in it was remarkably straight foward to install. Very happy with the final result and would recomend.

Great Gift for Architecture Lego Collector

Satisfied with purchase, shipped in good time, happy recipient of gift!
Light kit looks great once installed. Instructions not as good as other kit (Statue of Liberty) but any veteran Lego builder can work through it. End product well worth the effort.

The result worth it !

Delicate work fun to do. The instructions could be better...

Great kit!

This was my first time fitting lights to a Lego model. The instructions were really clear and the set works like a dream. Beautiful effect!

Goed set

Goed uitgevoerd en compleet set het zou nog mooier zijn dat de batterij box kleiner is bv AAA

Awesome set of lights

At the first sight I was a bit disappointed that the roof lights were not flickering but finally it is really great as it is. It really gives the Christmas magic to the lego set.

Awesome set

The set is awesome. I liked it so much that I ordered more sets for Freund. Because they liked it so much too. I then expanded the set with a second projection board and flames on top. The tower was still a little too dark. The hologram is then additionally illuminated with a led strip. Now I'm satisfied ☺️ it was a good start

Light set for Audi Quattro S1

The kit is very well made and high quality. It looks delicate so cafe of installation is encouraged in the instructions. All in all the finished product looks amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.