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Infinity Gauntlet

Mit dem Beleuchtungs Kit sieht der Infinity gauntlet super aus

Smelly cat !

This kit is perfect to bring life in your Central Perk set. The installation is quite easy if you follow the instructions book. It's the second Lightailing kit (the first was for the Star Wars Empire destroyer) and it'll not be the last !

Splitter is splendid

The USB splitter made my display so much more fun, and easier, to turn on!

Brilliant Kit

The Titanic light kit is my second purchase from lighting and it's excellent and really makes the set look even better. It's quite tricky to install, but instructions are good and you just need to take your time. I got a discount code for Black Friday which made the set a little cheaper. Shipping to Canada was pretty good considering it came from China. Very satisfied customer!

A beautiful looking design

A beautiful design, and fun to put together and fit into the house.

De-lightfull kit

Recently purchased the lego rollercoaster and wanted to illuminate it.
Purchased the lightailing kit due to the reviews and pictures id seen online.
The kit is very good and comes with detailed instructions.
Took a while to install but the end result is very good and gives a good finishing look.

Amazing upgrade to the Hogwarts Castle set

If you are thinking in getting yourself this light set, please: take your time for the installation. My experience installing the lights was both, very challenging and fun! At first I was stressed and worried that I might be breaking a cable (it ended up happening twice =(), however a friend helped me out and well... Couldn't be more satisfied with the final result. It took me around 15 hours and tbh, once I broke the two cables, I started drilling some lego bricks with a rotary tool to make more space for the cables to pass through (which made the task way slower). Ended up working quite well for me and the time invested in it was totally worth it.

1. Instructional video in their youtube channel was super useful.
2. The leds come with real lego pieces for you to make the replacement.
3. The quality of the wiring.
4. Comes with all the pieces you need to set the lights.
5. Price

1. The printed instructions didn't help me... :(
2. The video from time to time changes the direction in which the cables go, so had to do some rework there.
3. The "disco" lights, specially the led above the bridge where the colors of the four houses are (the last bag considered it as optional, so can be easily removed)
4. The wires broke easily... (which is something I understand is a risk in all Lego-lighting sets, since cables need to be small to go through the bricks).

Overall, I was very pleased with the set. Would definitely buy another time whenever I get myself anither Lego set that is worth lighting out :D.

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Disney train and station

The train and station set lights added beauty to the lighted Disney castle set.. The lights in the train created magic.. the train station lighting complemented both the castle and the train track.. lighting of both sets together created magical world and lots of fun to the kids

Town pet shop and cafe

The light was perfect for this set.. it accentuated the beauty of the set.. the traffic signal lights is the high light of this set

Infinity Stones

My only gripe would be how vague the photos are in the manual


Ces éclairages ajoutent beaucoup de réalisme et de beauté à des superbes set de Lego !👍


La voiture déjà bien finie se voit encore plus réaliste avec ce kit d’éclairage !! (y)


Installation facile et superbe effet ! Cela rajoute un peu de temps de montage en plus ce qui est bien, et c’est encore plus beau !🤩

Easy and bright!

Really good kit! Easy to follow video and fun with the remote. Bright LEDs. 👍🏻

Super Bright

Was alot easier than I thought and alot brighter as well. My 4 year old got this lego and light kit for Christmas and helped build the whole thing. Would recommend and will be getting more. Makes an awesome night light too.

Great product

The quality/price ratio is very good but on receipt, leds wires were tangled together.

Excellent fit!!

Awesome detail for your Lego Porsche-build! I enjoyed the process of putting it together.

Un indispensable pour Iron Man

Un kit quasiment indispensable pour donner au casque d'Iron Man. Il permet d'éclairer les yeux ce qui donne l'impression que Jarvis prend possession du casque

Great Lightkit! Absolut awesome!

The lightkit for the Gunship is very nice. The effect is great. You need 2-3 hours to get all the led build in. Like in every lightkit from Lightailing you will get a very good step by step instructions and original LEGO parts to mod your set! Thumps up! 👍

Beautiful addition

Slightly tricky but well worth persevering. The final effect is excellent.

Winnie the Pooh

As usual the lights adds life the the Winnie the Pooh set and easy to set up - love ❤️ them lights


This set is GORGEOUS, making it a very good display model for the coming Holidays.

Warm White Strip Lights (Three Pack)
warm white drip lights

I used these lights to light up the front side of the White House lego set 21006 and they are fantastic!

VW Beetle 10252 lightkit

Nice enligtment to one of my favorite cars! Easy installation with all lights attached on one cable (Lightailing).

Light is coming to Hogsmade

Very nice Lightkit with step by step instructions. I need 60-70 min to get all lights on the right place. High quality parts and if you need bricks all LEGO parts are included. The final product is looking great and the kids like to watch the lighted set.