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I'm very impressed with your lighting kits. High quality. Works great. Looks cool


Just like to have the tree house light :(

Best lighting sets

Lightailing makes the best Lego lighting. It’s awesome that all the bricks already have the wiring and USB’s attached. Just need to string them on the buildings!

very good


Nice addition

It fits very nice and brings also a more pleasant image to the set.

diner lights

i have purchased 2 sets of lights so far for my son and he loves them. easy to read instructions and the buildings look fantastic all lit up. he has every building they have made so far and we will be purchasing light kits for all of them. they only one i have not seen on your site is a kit for the ghostbusters firehouse, hopefully you will make that one also.

Awesome set

I had some issues with missing lights in the package, but they solved it fast and friendly.
The set is exactly what I wanted and better than expected. I was afraid Thad the wires would be slightly too thick to fit between the bricks, because one of the images of the Tower Bridge shows ill-fitting bricks. However, that must have been sloppy building, because the wires don't interfere with the bricks at all. I'll definitely be buying more of these.

Large millenium falcon

This kit is awesome. Makes my model look awesome too!

Light Kit For London Tower Bridge 10214


I like the number of LEDs for the small size of the Lego kit. Looks amazing.


Apollo Saturn

everything is very good - very recommendable product!

Love them

They were easy to install. Love the final look !!

Great mustang lights

Great product, quick delivery.
Easy install with detailed pictures. Some wiring is a little tight but it fits perfectly.

Very nice

Very happy about my purchase very easy to install, and at the end it s awesome

Looks like a quality kit!

Haven't built the van yet so haven't tried the light kit. Looks like a quality kit.

Towering success

Brilliant kit,this is the fourth lightailing kit I have bought and it won’t be the last.First class service and an excellent effect.

Top product

Easy installment and clear instructions. Great results. I have the lights on everyday, and they give just the right amount of light.

Gives your sets a whole new life back into them

Excellent lighting set at a good price

First, the PROS:
- Full-fledged set with everything included: pre-installed LED lights, USB connectors and a battery pack (batteries not included duh).
- Excellent instructions. Step-by-step with photos of how to carefully take apart the set and install the lights.
- Beautiful lighting color design, with one exception (see below)
- Real LEGO pieces.
- Great price.
- Good customer service.

- Can we talk about the disco lights? One LED and the stand-alone "mood" lights are flashing. Why? This adds nothing to the design and is in fact quite distracting. I would rather have a slow color change than the flash-flash-flash. Luckily, it is only one small LED and the stand-alones mood lights which don't need to be connected at all.
- Tiny wires WILL get snapped no matter how carefully you try. However, a little solder and a gentle hand can bring them back to life.
- In a couple of places, it was hard to understand from the photos exactly where a wire was supposed to be laid. In those cases, it would have been good to have a close-up.

- Absolutely beautiful! This set really makes the Hogwarts Castle come alive. The lights are placed in excellent locations with nice color choices to highlight the set. A great price for everything, considering how extensive the Castle is. The flashing disco lights on a couple of the places are not appropriate, and it would be great to see them changed in future sets.

Awesome kit!

Ordered a set for the Mustang and have to say it looks really great! Bright leds, good instructions (although sometimes I had to look twice to figure out what happened). A bit tricky to hide all of the wires but definitely worth it! Keep making these awesome kits!

Lighting kit

Kit has been recieved. Cannot wait to build the Mustang and install the lights

Fast delivery

Fast delivery good quality

Amazing lights

I am very satisfied with the article

Fast delivery

Very fast delivery and easy assenbling