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Friends set ♥️

Ordered the lightning set for thé friends lego set , for my girlfriends christmas. Its amazing! Good quality , good installations explications., top product!

Light-Kit for LEGO's "Friends Central Perk" (21319)

Great LED-Kit for the LEGO-Set "Friends Central Perk"
12 LEDs illuminate the scene in a wunderful cosy atmosphere.
Good manual; easy to assemble; quality materials.
The kit is finally ready only after assembled the great lights!

Perfect Kit

I've already ligtened up my Batmobil 70905 with an Kit from lightailing. For the Mustang I've bought this one from BRIKSMAX and i was very mazed how different it is compared to the lightailing ones. The LED's from Briksmax are all seperade wired and plug connected where lighttailing sends you an amazing all in one cable tree.
To wire up the Mustang is pretty easy and fun. I alsolike that you can put thebattery box on the backseat to be still able to play with it without having to worry about loose wires or a huge battery box to nurse.
The result is astonishing and I'm very pleased with the result and building experience.

Excellent lighting set at a good price

First, the PROS:
- Full-fledged set with everything included: pre-installed LED lights, USB connectors and a battery pack (batteries not included duh).
- Excellent instructions. Step-by-step with photos of how to carefully take apart the set and install the lights.
- Beautiful lighting color design, with one exception (see below)
- Real LEGO pieces.
- Great price.
- Good customer service.

- Can we talk about the disco lights? One LED and the stand-alone "mood" lights are flashing. Why? This adds nothing to the design and is in fact quite distracting. I would rather have a slow color change than the flash-flash-flash. Luckily, it is only one small LED and the stand-alones mood lights which don't need to be connected at all.
- Tiny wires WILL get snapped no matter how carefully you try. However, a little solder and a gentle hand can bring them back to life.
- In a couple of places, it was hard to understand from the photos exactly where a wire was supposed to be laid. In those cases, it would have been good to have a close-up.

- Absolutely beautiful! This set really makes the Hogwarts Castle come alive. The lights are placed in excellent locations with nice color choices to highlight the set. A great price for everything, considering how extensive the Castle is. The flashing disco lights on a couple of the places are not appropriate, and it would be great to see them changed in future sets.

Just awesome!!

These lights really add more depth to the LEGO set!!

Great kit looks awesome

I have now several of these kits and they really are great. Also fantastic customer service!

Good product, detailed instructions, looks great!

Ordered the kit and came quickly in a nice box with detailed instructions (very much like the original Lego instructions for the model) and all went together great and looks amazing, several of my friends want to get kits for their models now. Goes well with the other Ecto 1 kit I also bought.

Good product, detailed instructions, looks great!

Ordered the kit and came quickly in a nice box with detailed instructions (very much like the original Lego instructions for the model) and all went together great and looks amazing, several of my friends want to get kits for their models now.

Kurze Kabel

Teilweise zu kurze Kabel Abstände aber sonst ein tolles Set. Deshalb nur 4 von 5 Sternen.

Awesome Light Kit!

What's more fun than building lego sets? Lighting them up to amaze your friends! This set works well with all the play features of the car and is an excellent addition to the collection. I hope one day to light all of my car collection, but for now I just have the DB5 and the VW Camper sets, then I hope I can plug them all into one source and flick a switch to an amazing setup!

Mean GT3RS

It’s awesome it definitely makes the car look alive ..
Have friends that have theirs with out them and are going crazy with mine ..
The detail of the construction of it is awesome..

Excellent way to finush off the London skyline

This product is awesome value for money and great service. It was easy to install and for me makes the London skyline set really what it should be.

Best design on the market !

I had reviewed and seen a couple of other cheap design sets and none matched up to the design of lightailing's Downtown diner set, this set is well designed and expertly thoughtout perfectly with additional slow blinking lights on the iconic round arcs creating a unique design.
If your reading this review and wondering about getting lights for the set, I advise that you will not regret your purchase, check out my photos below showing what it looks like combined with other modulars, company also has amazing aftercare service!

Amazing design and 5 star service

Firstly if you are curious about the company let me assure you that they have fantastic customer service and stand by their product, ship in a bottle has been my 9th product purchase from this company and hey have assist with all my enquiries and troubleshoot where there was one, this is important to myself as I plan on growing my Lego collection with lights over time and need a reliable company. There is no question in design once the kits are built you can tell it has been designed by passionate Lego lovers. If your sitting on the fence on purchase I suggest you take the plunge , you won't regret it! 5 stars for product and service! Keep up the great work team.

Just great!!!

... a must for all lego fans...

Excellent quality!

Shipping was fast and the parts were amazingly detailed. The model looks awesome with lights! I only wish there was a smaller power supply which could be hid inside the model with no cables coming out.

Very nicely made

I ordered a light kit for Palace Cinema. I requested it to be without the blinking lights, but with non-blinking LED because it looked to "nervous" for my taste.
My request was fully granted and I love the result!
There is one thing I did not like: While most LED are on seperate cables per floor, the one for the inside lighting is one cable for both floors. This is unfortunate because it makes it so much harder to separate floors without breaking the cables!

Brought life to my Bait Shop kit.

Bought this on a whim and it turned out well. A bit fiddly, with very small wires, but got there in the end. This assumes you’ve built the model, I was worried if you had to incorporate it into the build. Also worth noting one light is a multicoloured strobe light which I didn’t realise when I got the kit, but is in the video on this site. Not my choice, but not something that ruins the effect.

If you want to bring a bit more out of your LEGO kit and you’re okay with a bit of fiddly wire manipulation then give it a whirl.

Not for the faint of heart.

First a few things to mention right away.
1) The wires used for this are REALLY thin and REALLY fragile. They will break really easily. I had to do some repair work and one was when the wires came out of a connector.
2) I suggest plugging in each strand as you are installing them so you can make sure they work and make sure you see them go out if something goes wrong.
3) Even though the instructions (all done with pictures) suggest hiding a bunch of the wires you may want to hide them a different way than instructed. For example installing the light posts I followed the instructions and a wire got cut in between some bricks. Changed how the wires went and it still looks pretty good.
4) Don't glue the pieces together before installing the lights. It REALLY slows you down.

Those things being said it is a pretty cool set and works great lighting it up. I posted some pictures on Facebook and have only received compliments.
By the time I was done about 85% of all the lights are working. Two of the 5 tower lights didn't light afterwards - that was when I started installing with them plugged in. A couple of wires got cut and I fixed them (I can solder pretty well so I spliced them together). Don't know yet what happened with the light posts and boat house (they worked when I was done installing - still trouble shooting). And one light that had a cut wire I liked the look better without the light.
Overall it really adds a lot to the model. If you are up to the task it is worth do it.
And one added bonus. The last set of lights rotate colors and are actually separate from the other lights. I realized I could use them for other things connected to a USB power stick.

Kit for Ship in a Bottle

Love my new light set! I definitely recommend this and I will be getting more to add! Thanks again and what a great idea!

Good stuff !!

Well, I'm no rocket scientist and managed to get it all installed. I found the instructions sometimes being difficult to make out, but overall totally love them now that their in !!
I definitely would consider buying more kits in the future as I look for another project !!

Lighting & Great Hall

Perfect quality kit for the Great Hogwarts Hall, my daughter of 8 uses it as a nightlight :-)

👍🏾 Love it 😍

Easy to mount, quick delivery, great support! Thx guys👍🏾


Perfect, excellent support👍🏽👍🏽


Beautiful lighting! I replaced the usb with jst xh connectors!