LIGHTAILING, an original lighting innovator, a dynamic and innovative toy company. Founded in 2017, LIGHTAILING specializes in designing and manufacturing exclusive LED lighting sets to LEGO®, bringing a different style and new vitality to your LEGO® bricks.

In the beginning, the founder, by chance, noticed LEGO® set would lose some of the original colors at night. But then, it dawned on him that lighting up the LEGO sets could give the bricks new vitality and bring shine to LEGO® collections. So he decided to start LIGHTAILING, hoping to bring back the original beauty and charm and even bring the bricks to a new level.

LIGHTAILING values customers' opinions and continuously improves existing products, technically innovating and making technological breakthroughs, optimizing the delivery services, and striving to provide the best possible products and building experience to suit your needs.

2014-2017 Infancy

As long ago as 2014, the founder came up with the idea of delivering joy with innovation through toys. Since then, inspired by this idea, he threw himself into the toy field and got deep down in it. By chance, spending days and nights with toys and games, in 2017, he found that the LEGO bricks would lose some original colors and beauty at night. This is the spark for the founder to create the LED lighting kits for LEGO®. And thus, LIGHTAILING was founded. LIGHTAILING released its first LED lighting set for LEGO®.

2018 Improvements

Though the first attempt for Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 won the support of many LEGO fans, however, limited by the current environment and technology, the first lighting kit only had a single lighting effect and did not support other functions. There still had a lot of room for improvements. Through constant testing and upgrading, more and more lighting kits have been able to support multiple lighting effects.

2019 Recreation

It's the start of a new beginning in 2019 when BRIKSMAX, a new brand, was born. At the beginning of 2019, in order to meet the needs of customers' individual needs to the DIY design of lighting scenes, developers carried out development work for more functional accessories that can be used flexibly.

2020 New Development

LIGHTAILING continues to develop more functions and effects for better performance and displayability of LEGO®. Lighting kits with remote control functions and sound effects came out.

2021 Continuity

After four years of intensive work in lighting kits, we realized that LEGO fans are no longer satisfied with the complete LEGO® lighting set; instead, they began to use our lighting kits on their own creations, the so-called LEGO®MOCs. Therefore, we launched a whole series of DIY sets and accessories for LEGO® MOC sets to meet individual needs.


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