Lightailing Light Kit For Home Alone 21330

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François Tardif


Yan Bouchard
Great product

A kit for revive my lego, beautiful and easy

Amanda Dunnigan
really great set, needed a tiny bit of glue though

Yes, I did the evil Will Farrell move and plastic-glued Lego!! I had to though. This system is really cool. I think the creators did an amazing job. On the Christmas lights on the front of the house, however, the LEDs are glued inside the little tiny Lego piece, and it didn’t allow room for the set-piece yellow lights to fit into it. I ended up gluing them together, since I’ll use this set only at Christmas time, and wanted those amazing lights on the front. Otherwise, I would have given it five stars. I sat for a long time before I pulled out the glue. It felt wrong, but looks so great. :)

Also, I have kids, small ones, so I ended up leaving the truck lights off this one, and integrating the treehouse light into the kitchen because I didn’t want those tiny cords anywhere pulling off the house, since it’s the only stationary piece.

I also wanted to comment on those connectors that allow each floor to be removed smoothly. It’s a really nice detail and allows my kids to continue to play without destroying the connections. I secured the tiny chords a bit more than the instructions said, just to accommodate tiny fingers.

Great set, super great engineering. Thank you! I’ll definitely be purchasing from this company again.

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