Lego Fun With Lighting Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324 Set

With over 500 Lego pieces, the Lego Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324 is a kid-friendly set with the Mini Dolls and bear figure. The twelve handmade LED lights and premium lighting accessories from Briksmax for the Lego set are easy to set up even if you have no electrical knowledge.

Andrea, Mia, Stephanie, Emma, and Olivia are the best friends featured in the animated series named Friends of Heartlake City and the Lego Friends series brings its special scenes alive. The Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324 set with 585 Lego pieces will give your kids aged between 8 and 12 a perfect opportunity to recreate a winter sports scenario featuring Mini dolls of Olivia and Mia with the baby bear named Biscuit. You can easily add the set with other Lego Friends sets to add more fun and even customize the sets by adding the toys with construction sets. Kids will love it when their Lego structure glows in dark and hence, Briksmax brings high-quality, bright and handmade light kits.

What You Should Know About Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324

Before you light up Lego bricks, make sure the kids have completed the structure so that no delicate part gets lost or broken. Batteries are excluded in the light kit –get the required AA batteries in advance and prepare brick separators to avoid damaging the wires.

The resort features an adjustable ski lift having winch function and the ski slope featuring a slide –it stands seven inches in height, nine inches in depth and 15 inches in width.

With a light kit for Lego 41324  you can brighten up the mountaintop restaurant, a rock climbing wall and ski equipment hire stand measuring three inches in height, three inches in width and one inch in depth.

The two inches high, one inch deep and one-inch wide trail map is there with the mountain cave and small slope for Biscuit that is one inch high, two inches wide and ten inches deep.

Lighting Up Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324 With Light Kit

With bubble wrapping, the lighting accessories inside the hardy box of light kit for Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324  remain protected from handling damage. Once you have brought the accessories out of the respective plastic packets, test the functionality and for any kind of damage.

Make use of the six Lego pieces of random color in any area of the Lego structure. Keep the user guide for the latter installation and the universal instruction manual to know about the step by step installation with proper illustrations.

Make sure that the two 5cm and two 15cm connecting cables are passed carefully between stubs and are well hidden.

Light up Lego Snow Resort Ski Lift  with three small light strips, three slow flashing 30cm LEDs and one large 15cm LED of warm white glow, two 30cm white LEDs and three slow flashing pink 30cm LEDs.

Prepare the battery box, USB hub with 30cm power cord, Adhesive Square and three expansion boards, each with 6 ports.

Within a week from delivery, if you notice any accessory malfunctioning or damaged or broken, return it and get a replacement. Within two years of delivery, if you need any manufacturer assistance due to quality issues, use the after-sales card given with the light kit.



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