Yellow Submarine 21306 With Light Wonderful Idea

Featuring the Fab Four from the Beatles, Lego Yellow Submarine 21306 set with over 500 pieces lets you recreate scenes from the 1968 movie. Briksmax brings you the handmade lighting kits of premium quality so that the structure remains vibrant at night and in darkness.

Those, who were crazed about the Beatles songs and watched the British animated movie The Beatles: Yellow Submarine of 1968, will get their golden youth days back with Lego Yellow Submarine 21306 model. With 553 pieces, this model from the Ideas series is age-appropriate for 10+ years old enthusiasts who would love to role-play in the voyage to Pepperland. The Fab Four Minifigures include John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney along with Jeremy. The replica model stands 5 inches in height, 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width. No need to learn electrics to lighten up the model as the Briksmax lighting kit is easy to install.

Knowing About Yellow Submarine 21306 Set

Once you have finished assembling the pieces, you can get batteries for the light kit for Lego 21306  and prepare the brick separators to prevent any damage from the forcible entry of the wires.

The vibrant retro Submarine display stands 1 inch in height, 4 inches in width and 3 inches in depth. Once you have placed the Minifigures, place the Minifigures display stand that is less than 1 inch in height, 4 inches in width and 1 inch in depth.

There is a booklet containing details about the movie and Lego Yellow Submarine and the designer or fan of the structure.

With the best Lego light kits, you can highlight the cockpit where all the Minifigures can be accommodated, the removable top, 4 rotating periscopes, 2 rotating propellers, and the adjustable rudder.

There are Lennon’s telescope, McCartney’s ‘Love’ 1x2 tile, Starr’s ‘half a hole’ 2x2 tile, Jeremy’s apple and Harrison’s submarine motor assorted as the Beatles’ collection during the journey.

Lighting Up Yellow Submarine 21306 With Light Kit

Anyone above six years old can try setting up the light kit for Yellow Submarine but testing each accessory for any broken or defective part is important to avoid the hazard.

Keep the after-sales card safely for two years from the delivery date as a manufacturer guarantee. Use the user guide for latter installation assistance and follow the illustrated steps written in the universal language in the instruction manual for ease of set up.

There are five random colored Lego pieces that you can use for customization. Insert the batteries purchased beforehand into the CR2032 Oval Battery Box. Set up the 6-port and 12-port expansion boards properly.

Light up Legos  with four LEDs measuring 10cm each and one small strip light of warm white glow, four slow flashing red LEDs measuring 10cm each and two blue LEDs measuring 15cm each.

Pass the 5cm and 15cm connecting wires between the stubs smoothly in a way that they remain hidden. Connect the 30cm USB cable with the power hub and turn on the main power.

In spite of the air-bubble wrapping around each plastic packet, if the lighting accessories inside them get broken or start malfunctioning, make sure you return the box in seven days of delivery. For any quality issue, you will get a replacement.    




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