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Maybe you are sometimes curious that why there are two similar light kits with different prices for one specific Lego model set. Actually, they are from two brands: Lightailing and Briksmax.

So here in this article, I will point out the main differences between Lightailing VS Briksmax. In this way, you’ll be able to choose the perfect one and light up your Lego world!

1. Different Lighting Effects

The light kits from Lightailing and Briksmax are designed by different product development team. So, you will sometimes find out that they show and display with different lighting effects. For example, the light kits for Hogwarts™ Icons - Collectors' Edition 76391(SKU: LGK467 and BX467). They obviously show the different lighting for the Lego building model.

NOTE: The SKU LGK467 Stands for the Hogwarts Icons - Collectors' Edition 76391 Lego light kit from Lightailing, while BX467 indicates it is the light kit from Briksmax.

Lightailing vs Briksmax Light Kit Comparion

In most of the cases, we film the demonstration videos for our led lighting kits, allowing you to check the details once we get the light kit installed. Please don’t miss the video introduction in our product page.

light kit video

2. Different Installation Way

Their installing methods are not the same. We make the Lightailing lights wire up from the start and they are all built directly into Lego pieces. All you need to do is placing the cables into your Lego set according to priority (the kit is organized in steps and each step is numbered).

lightailing light kit package bags

Lightailing light kit

Lightailing USB lights

But Briksmax is more flexible and the lighting parts are separated. We sort them out in different small bags from wires to connectors and adhesive strips. You may need to adhere the strip lights to the Lego plates separately, connect the lights to the expansion boards and so on.

But please don’t worry about the installation, people can easily set up the lighting system by following the attached instruction book.

briksmax lights in small bags

briksmax light kit details

briksmax strip lights

If you want to make it easier to install the light kit, maybe you can choose Lightailing. Or if you love diy and enjoy the process, Briksmax is a good one for you.

3. Different Wires Material

The wires themselves in the two brands are a bit different. Rather than being the twisted wires in the Briksmax kit, the Lightailing ones are single wires, meaning they are thinner and thus easier to lay between plates.

The BriksMax kit is very self-contained and runs on one single circuit.The Lightailing kit uses numerous circuits and longer wires, which allows for more modularity and gives you more to work with when it comes to hiding the battery box.

4. Different Prices

You know we design the distinguishable Lego lighting system, so the quantity of the dot lights, strip lights and other lighting parts we use in the two brands are not the same.

And they are produced in a pretty different way, the Lightailing kit is handmade. This kind of craft requires a wealth of welding experience even machine cannot reach it, because Lego bricks and cable are so tiny. But it doesn’t mean that the Briksmax would cheaper than the Lightailing one, as this is only one element to affect the price.

All in all, the prices for Lightailing and Briksmax light kits would be various as the costs are not same.

It may sometimes confuse people when seeing that very similar products with different prices. But never mind, please choose the perfect one you love and add led lights to your gorgeous Lego building sets. The both light kits are easy to install. No SPECIAL electronics knowledges are needed!

Lego lighting solution




As I have lighted 10 LEGOs by now, I bought LED-Kits from various Vendors. Best for me is BRIXMAX, the confirm with the reasons above.
I saw and drill my bricks to have no gap between the bricks and often I choose other cableways then shown, to hide them more. BRIXMAX is best opportunity to do so, also I can switch colors or put more LEDs on the LEGO as delivered.
I love BRIXMAX (even Lightailing is also good, no question) :).

roger harkleroad

roger harkleroad

hi thank you



ok so have Briksmax kit for LEGO 42129 Mercedes Zetros. There is a QR code in the box. In the middle it says Brixmax. scan the code it take you to the Lightailing manual. go figure.

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