List of Good Ideas To Display LEGO Building Sets

Building your LEGO sets is a lot of fun, but if all you're doing is playing with your LEGO, then you're missing out on the other main appeal: Displaying. Finding the best way to display LEGOs is really half of the fun. You can get just as creative with your display methods as you can whilst building your LEGO sets.

So, if you want to hear all of our LEGO display tips, then stick around, because we have 7 of the best LEGO display ideas for you to consider below!

7. Clear LEGO Minifigure Display Case

LEGO Minifigure Display Case

This display case by Room Copenhagen is the best way to display LEGO minifigures, so we had to include this on our list. It's a simple concept, but it works brilliantly. You can stack these cases too, so you could theoretically create an entire wall of your most prized LEGO minifigures. We don't know about you, but that sounds like our idea of heaven!

Imagine an entire wall of multi-colored minifigures in your play/display room! Away from the display ideas before we get carried away, it's also a great way to keep your best minifigures safe because they are stored individually behind perspex doors, so there's no chance of them becoming damaged.

6. Sliding Shelves Bookcase

Another simple idea here, but if you were to purchase a bookcase with sliding shelves, then you could create a DIY LEGO display. The shelves are perfect for creating individual 'worlds'. Maybe you've got a couple sets from Marvel, a few from Harry Potter, and some Star Wars. Well, in that case, you'll want something where you can display them all separately to show off each set, but keep them all close by so you can show off your collection. This solution does exactly that and we love it!

Sliding Shelves Bookcase

With the sliding shelves, you can bring each 'world' out to show off, and then slide them right back in to stay safe. Because it's a bookcase design too, the top shelf will keep your LEGO sets mostly free from dust etc, so it's a great way to keep them clean and display-ready always!

5. Corner Display Units

Corner Display Units for lego

Not everybody has an entire room they can dedicate to displaying LEGO (*sigh* one day my friends, one day...), but they might have a corner or two spare in different rooms of the house. In that case, buy a couple of corner display units for your LEGO sets. You'll need to measure the size of your completed sets so you buy a display unit that can accommodate them, but it really works great!

The best thing about this solution is that it's a brilliant compromise. Not everybody's family, loved ones, friends, and partners recognize the importance of displaying LEGO, but even they can't complain about a corner or two showing off your best sets, right? It's certainly a talking point for guests too!

4. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves for lego display

This is a simple, but seriously impressive way to display your LEGO sets. If you've been researching how to display large LEGO sets, then this is the perfect solution because you get to create something that works for you and your specific sets, but don't worry, it isn't complicated because we're all about keeping things simple here. DIY LEGO display shelves are only as complicated as you make it.

Just pick up some floating shelves in whatever size and style you want (we prefer chunky, dark wood floating shelves to contrast the bright colors of most LEGO sets), mount them to the wall, and then put your beloved LEGO sets on top. The contrast not enough? Want to draw even more attention to them? Then make sure you pick up some LEGO lighting kits from our store for your specific sets to really make them pop!

3. Glass Door Bookcases

lego display ideas for adults

Glass door bookcases and display units are the best way to display LEGOs for some people, because not only does it provide a way to show off your best sets, but it does so in a safe way. It's almost like a museum, with all your most prized possessions protected behind glass for other people to look at, but not touch.

A simple glass door is all you really need to make your sets pop anyway. Some people prefer not to have all the bells and whistles of other display solutions distracting from the LEGO. After all, you spent all that time buying, building, and displaying the piece - it deserves to be the star of the show!

2. Tiered Bookshelves

For us, tiered bookshelves are one of the best ways to display your LEGO sets really creatively. These tiered bookshelves have larger shelves at the bottom and smaller shelves on top, meaning you have a lot of workable space that you can use to display all of your LEGO sets, large and small.

We've even seen some people dedicate the top shelf to minifigures alone, which can be a really great way to break up all the LEGO sets that will follow on the shelves below. It's also cool if you have enough LEGO sets (and enough room to display them all) to create separate shelves for different themed sets. Imagine Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the other Harry Potter minifigures standing on the top shelf of one bookcase, with all your Harry Potter LEGO sets below. And all your Star Wars ones on a separate bookshelf, and so on. Pretty cool idea, right?

1. Under Bed LEGO Table Display

best way to display legos

This is our favorite idea yet, because not only does it give you A LOT of space to work with, but it's out of the way and using space that might otherwise be wasted. And all you need is a large piece of plywood with LEGO base plates on top for all your LEGO sets. Then just slide the plywood underneath your bed, and hey presto, you have a storage solution and display piece all in one!

This works amazingly in kids' rooms, but in adult's rooms too. The idea of sending your kids off to sleep with an entire LEGO world beneath their bed is pretty exciting for any LEGO enthusiast, right? After all, isn't one reason we all love LEGO so much because of the imagination, wonder, and creativity it inspires? Who wouldn't want to give that to their kid? Heck, who wouldn't want that for themselves too?

Making A Statement!

Displaying your LEGO sets doesn't need to be difficult - even your large LEGO sets. Just think about the sets you most want to display, and then pick the storage solution above that most suits your needs. And once you've done that, head over to our store to see our range of LEGO lighting kits and DIY LEGO lighting to really make a statement with your display pieces.

Trust us, LEGO lighting makes the world of difference when you're displaying your best sets, so why not give it a try today? You've worked so hard, and LEGO lighting is the best way to make your LEGO sets the main attraction in any space!



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