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You guys know us by now. We think everything is better with LED lights, and that's why we do what we do. But in today's post we really wanted to focus on LEGO castle light kits, because if you're looking to make a statement with your LEGO sets, then adding LED lights to LEGO castles is one of the best ways to do it.

And better yet? You can add LEGO lights to official LEGO castle sets or even LEGO mini castle MOCs, and whether it's for display or play purposes, the lights really can make all the difference. So join us below to learn more about adding lights to LEGO castle sets - trust us, this one is worth the read!

The Light Kits

If you're interested in finding out more about LEGO castle light kits, then the best thing to do is head to our store. We have so many light kits available for different LEGO castle sets, so it's worth typing in your set name or set number into the search bar at the top of this page to find out if we already have a light kit ready to go.

Once you've found one, all you need to do is follow the helpful instructions in the box to rig up your LEGO castle set with some amazing LED lights to bring the entire scene to life. And it's easy to - plug and play is our forte! Still not sure if it's necessary? We'll give you some examples of the castle sets we love below, and explain why the lighting kits we have on our store make them so much better!

Mystery Castle lego lights

LEGO Castle Sets We LOVE!

If you're needing some more inspiration to get excited about LEGO castle light kits, then look no further. If the sets we discuss below don't convince you that LEGO castles and lighting kits go together better than drawbridges and castle moats, nothing else will...

LEGO The Disney Castle (71040)

We couldn't start a list like this with anything other than LEGO The Disney Castle. First off, the set itself looks amazing on its own and it could easily stand in the middle of a display shelf proudly with nothing else. But to us, Disney is all about lights and magic, colors and fun, and one way of adding that to this set is with a lighting kit.

We have multiple options in our store, and every one of them improves The Disney Castle. Why? Because a Disney castle should sparkle with lights and the interior should have a warm glow to make it more cozy, and all the kits on our website do exactly that. So, if you have set number 71040, then you should definitely consider a lighting kit.

Disney Castle 71040 light kit

light up Lego Disney Castle 71040

LEGO Medieval Castle (31120)

Second, only because we needed a little more time to express how much we love it, is the LEGO Medieval Castle set. This one is a little more basic than The Disney Castle as a build of its own, granted, but sometimes the simple sets are the ones that come alive the most when you add some LEGO lighting to it.

What could need lighting more than a medieval castle? The original torches in the set look great and help create a medieval feel, but if they don't glow, then the atmosphere is dampened a little.

Well, the LEGO lighting kits we stock make the medieval castle come alive. The interior glows as if everything is lit by candlelight, and the exterior looks amazing at night. Seriously, a LEGO lighting kit for this castle makes all the difference.

What If You Have A LEGO Castle MOC?

If you've read the previous section and thought 'but what about me?' because you have a LEGO mini castle MOC, then don't worry. We know it's difficult sometimes to source the accessories you need to light up your MOCs, but that's why we have an entire accessories page on our website for you to explore.

Understanding LEGO lighting kits isn't complicated. In fact, the whole thing is quite basic. All you need to do to understand them is check out a ready to go lighting kit for a specific set like the two examples in the section above, and then see what's included by checking the product info and images. Once you get an idea of what's in a complete LEGO lighting kit, you can easily replicate one of your own by buying the parts you need in our lighting accessories section.

So, no matter your LEGO castle MOC, you can put a lighting kit together to make it come alive with a little DIY lighting!

lego led lights

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle/MOC

You may have noticed that in the previous section, we didn't talk about a certain boy wizard's castle school, but that's because we deliberately saved it for the MOC section. Yes, lots of people have the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043), and can get their hands on a ready to go lighting kit for that.

However, we also know that LOTS of fans of Harry Potter and LEGO have LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts castle MOCs too, and we didn't want you guys to feel excluded.

You see, Hogwarts is the ultimate MOC build for fans of LEGO and Harry Potter, and once you've created the perfect castle build, there's nothing better. Or is there?

Hogwarts can't be complete without LEGO lights, in our opinion, simply because the castle is made for magic. That's literally what it does. But you can't recreate that sense of magic and wonder without first thinking about a DIY LEGO lighting kit.

Hogwart's Castle 71043 night light

When lit up, you take your LEGO Hogwarts castle MOC from an amazing replica of Hogwarts, to a living, breathing, and bustling magical school that feels like Harry and his friends are inside listening to Snape drone on in Potions, or Flitwick giving instructions in Charms. Our point is, lighting breathes magic into ALL the builds we've discussed today, so don't miss out on the chance to see your builds at their best.

Hogwart's Castle 71043 light kit

Final Word On LEGO Castle Lighting

So now we leave you with a simple message. LEGO castles are some of the most exciting builds, and they always impress whether it's a LEGO MOC or an official set. But we say, why settle for great when you can have awesome, you know? And adding lights to your castle builds, whether through a lighting kit or a DIY project of your own, is the easiest and most fun way to make them exceptional.
Lego lighting solution

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