Best LEGO Modular Buildings Light Kits

LEGO Modular Buildings are some of the most fun sets to build and display. If you haven't picked up one of the many LEGO Modular Buildings sets for yourself, then you're missing out.

These LEGO sets were born out of a need to see more realistic buildings and everyday architectural structures from the Adult LEGO community. Adults wanted sets that reflected their lives as they are now, not as they were when they were younger (although we still wanted them too, of course). And so, in 2007, they released the first LEGO Modular Buildings set: Café Corner.

Today, there is an entire neighborhood's worth of buildings available and the sets can all join together to create the most amazing display ensemble.

And to help with that display, there are light kits too! So today's post will focus on the best LEGO Modular Buildings light kits to help make that neighborhood come alive!
Lego modular building lights

LEGO Modular Buildings Light Kits

We have so many LEGO light kits available for the Modular Buildings sets that it's best just to head to our store and search the set you have.

Today we'll feature four of our favorites, but we stock so many more on our site, so make sure you type your LEGO set into the search bar from the head of the webpage to see if we already have a lighting kit available for that set. And if we don't, we have some DIY suggestions towards the end of this post too, so you don't need to miss out on the LEGO lighting fun!Search modular light kit from Lightailing

Ready to hear all about our favorite LEGO Modular Buildings sets and their lighting kits? Then let's jump straight into it.

1. Boutique Hotel (10297)

This elegant luxurious hotel Lego set is a 3066-piece building model which is inspired by opulent turn-of-the-century European architecture. This set is part of collectible LEGO building sets that most of the adult fans will love.

Now light up the night of your Boutique Hotel Lego 10297 model with our compatible lighting system. We add led lights to the door lamp, street lights, penthouse suite, art gallery and other rooms of the building. I am sure all of you will love the night mode of this architectural masterpiece.

2. Fire Brigade (10197)

The LEGO Modular Buildings Fire Brigade set is a 2352 piece replica of a 1930s inspired fire station. It comes with a 1930s fire truck, a fire-dog minifigure (and 3 others), and even has a functioning sliding garage door. Every floor is fully furnished with typical fire fighting equipment and decor and the complete set feels special in its own right.

But when you add some LEGO lights, the whole thing comes alive. The kit on our website adds headlights to the fire truck, adds warm lighting to the interior, and even makes the 1932 sign stand out more! If you want to make your town come alive, then start with the fire brigade lighting kit and you won't be disappointed.Fire Brigade 10197

3. Pet Shop (10218)

We love the 2032 piece Pet Shop set because it's the first one that introduced the idea that you can play around with the layout of the buildings themselves, since the two buildings in this set can be taken apart, switched around, or even used to wrap around the side of other buildings in your collection. Basically, it opens up the Modular Buildings sets to more creative input from you, the user, and that can only be a good thing.

And so it only seems natural that the lighting kit available here continues that creativity. You can light up the basement floor, add lights to the interiors, and make the pets sign stand out on the street! Trust us, a lighting kit for this set makes all the difference.
Light Kit For Lego Pet Shop 10218

4. Town Hall (10224)

The Town Hall set is one of the most impressive. With 2766 pieces, it's also the tallest Modular Buildings set available to date. The town hall is split over three floors, creating a towering building that stands out from the rest of the buildings in these sets. Everything from the floral window displays to the 1891 sign gives the impression of living history.

But it's the lighting kit that really breathes life into this building. With it already being so imposing, it might seem illogical to make it stand out more, but the town hall should be the hub of the area, and LEGO lights certainly help it make a statement.Town Hall 10224 lighting system

5. Brick Bank (10251)

Brick Bank is an interesting set because it's far more than just a bank. The 2380 pieces cover a lot: the bank (obviously), a bank manager's office, a secretary's office, a detailed facade, a sidewalk that feels alive, and even a laundromat. So basically, it's the perfect addition to your town if you want a building with multiple functions.

And, of course, Brick Bank doesn't shine to its fullest capacity until you get a lighting kit to show it the way! The interiors, the clock outside, and the facade all come alive with the lighting kit and it makes it look truly stunning.
Brick Bank 10251 lego light

For When You Go Rogue...

Of course, not every LEGO Modular Buildings neighborhood will be made up of only official LEGO sets. That's sort of the beauty of the range, though. You start by using the sets provided, but eventually LEGO MOCs will find a place in the neighborhood too, and you'll create a town that feels alive and bustling.

The LEGO Modular Buildings light kits help massively with making the neighborhood feel real, so what do you do for your MOCs? Well, you create a LEGO DIY lighting kit using all our accessories, obviously. After all, you shouldn't be punished for going rogue: you should be celebrated!

Look at the Modular lighting kits we already have on the website to get an idea of what you'll need for your DIY LEGO lighting system and then purchase the parts from our accessories page to get started. After that, all you need to do is hook it up to your LEGO MOC Modular creation and you'll cement your MOC as part of the Modular Buildings town you've created. Pretty neat, right?
Lego Building moc Light Kit

Takeaway Message

By now we're pretty certain everyone knows that LEGO Modular Buildings sets are the perfect LEGO sets for adults because they are so much fun to build, whilst also being some of the best sets to display.

Seriously, a LEGO Modular Buildings neighborhood isn't just LEGO, it's bordering on art. And remember, you can always enhance it a little more with our lighting kits (or create a DIY project if you've gone rogue) and sit back and enjoy these amazing sets for all the fun, wonder, and joy they bring!

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