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So you've finally decided to do it. You've jumped in feet first and you've finally created a LEGO MOC build of your own. But now what? We've all been there as LEGO fans. After throwing yourself into a project whole-heartedly, it can sometimes feel a little... disappointing once you've finished.

Not because your LEGO alternate build isn't any good - we bet it's fantastic - but just because you've finished after so long planning the subject, working out the parts you'll need, and building and rebuilding until you got it just right.

But don't despair just yet, because you don't have to be finished with your MOC straight away. Sometimes, all it takes is a little lighting to spark an idea!

LEGO Lighting DIY Kits Explained

Light kit for Boutique Hotel 10297

In case you haven't guessed it yet, we are, once again, talking about LEGO lighting kits. But before you roll your eyes and think, 'here goes the lighting lunatics again', let us just explain why LEGO Moc lights can make all the difference with your creation builds.

You see, finishing a project feels great, but after putting so much time and effort into something, you want it to be perfect. This is your baby. You've been there every step of the way from the initial idea all the way until you completed it. And whether you plan to use your LEGO alternate build for play or display, you'll still want it to look great. Well, a simple DIY lighting kit for your custom LEGO MOC creation is all you'll need.

We have everything on our store right here. Every accessory, dot light, strip light, battery pack, expansion board, and connecting cable you could ever need, all in one place! Whether you're planning an elaborate lighting system or a simple circuit, you can find everything you need to create it on our accessories page.

We've talked a little on other posts about how the lighting kits work from a technical point of view (and it's surprisingly very simple), so we won't repeat ourselves. Instead, we'll focus on the creative side of things today, to give you some jumping-off points to get your own ideas started about how to light up LEGO MOC builds that you've created yourself at home.

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Some Ideas To Get You Started

We don't know exactly which LEGO MOC you've come up with, so instead of guessing with a crystal ball, we've included some of the most popular themes of MOCs below.

Instead of giving you specific examples, we'll talk about how some of our accessories on our website can be used to improve general MOC ideas in a hypothetical sense.This way, you'll be able to see our ideas and start thinking about how you can use some of them in your own MOC when you purchase things for your DIY LEGO lighting kit.

Ready to get started? Then let's go!

LEGO Harry Potter MOCs

We've seen all sorts of LEGO Harry Potter MOCs, from faithful, elaborate recreations of Hogwarts castle, all the way to scaled back versions of the Great Hall. The point is, there are plenty of MOCs out there to do with Harry Potter, and all of them are as impressive as each other.

But let's say for a moment you've gone all out and created an entire Hogwarts castle MOC. How can our lighting kits take something as amazing as that and make it even better?

Imagine our warm yellow dot lights in the windows of the castle, making it look as if the hallways are lit up from inside. Or picture red flashing dot lights in the potions room to show off potential explosions of potions gone wrong. You get the point. Our lighting breathes life into your MOC creations, taking something that looks great, and making it come alive as if the scene you've created is actually taking place inside.

Light Kit For Lego Hogwarts Castle 71043

LEGO Star Wars MOCs

Need more proof that DIY lighting kits are a must with MOC builds? Then look no further than LEGO Star Wars MOCs for examples. A MOC Millenium Falcon is a wonderful thing, but it takes on a whole new meaning when you can use some of our red, green, or blue strip lights to make it look as if it is actually running.

You can use our expansion boards and battery packs to keep lots of lights on when you're ready to show off your creation too, so not only do we have everything you need to get creative, but we have everything you need to make sure the lighting works flawlessly before you show off your creation to your friends and family.

lego star war moc

LEGO Train Station MOCs

LEGO Train Station MOCs are another great way to show off how our dot and strip lights can be used creatively. Need a slow flashing red light as part of a train signal you've created? We have just the thing! Need some yellow strip lights to add overhead lighting beneath the awning of the train station? You can do that too!

Lighting can be used to change the atmosphere of a piece too. Our street light accessory can be used at your train station to create a warm, friendly atmosphere. Or you can add a flashing yellow dot light to the awning instead of the strip lights to create the feeling that the old train station is run down, in need of repair, and possibly haunted.

Imagine your MOCs as scenes from a movie. Directors know the importance of lighting for capturing the right mood and atmosphere, and you can use a LEGO DIY lighting kit to do exactly the same thing.

LEGO Technic MOCs

LEGO Technic already takes LEGO building to a whole new level with the working parts, wheels, and axels that are common in these sets. But when you put together a LEGO Technic MOC, well, that's when you start to see some of the most creative and impressive builds around.

Whether it's a perfect replica of the latest sports car, an attack helicopter, or an operating crane - LEGO Technic MOCs are always visually impressive.

But how about improving them? Yellow dot lights for headlights on cars, flashing red dot lights to illuminate the controls of a helicopter, or maybe even some strip lights to create your very own landing strip or night race circuit for your MOC to use. The point is, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to LEGO lighting kits for your MOCs.

LEGO Technic MOCs

A Final Push In The Right Direction...

If you need more ideas, then head to our store and shop the lighting kits we offer by category. We cover so many different series' on our site, you're sure to find something at least related to your current MOC build.

If you see something you like, just click the product and there's usually a 'What's Included' image on the left-hand side to show you what you'd need to recreate that specific look. This is a great way to inspire you some more and get you thinking about which accessories you'll need to buy for your DIY LEGO lighting kits from our website.

To finish, we just wanted to remind you that with just a little research beforehand, you can get together a plan for a LEGO lighting kit of your own that will take your LEGO alternate build from a 10/10 to a 12/10 instantly. You've worked hard on your MOC. The least we can do is offer the lighting kit accessories that'll really make your project shine!

Lego lighting solution

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Helmut Bischoff

Ich habe verschidene LED-KIT für LEGO gekauft ( 75276, 75218, 75302 ) kann leider keine Einbauanleitung ( PDF) bei euch finden. Würde mich freuen, wenn sie mir diese zur Verfügung stellen könnten

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