Light Kit For Lego Hogwarts Castle 71043(Amazing Night Mode)

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Amazing upgrade to the Hogwarts Castle set

If you are thinking in getting yourself this light set, please: take your time for the installation. My experience installing the lights was both, very challenging and fun! At first I was stressed and worried that I might be breaking a cable (it ended up happening twice =(), however a friend helped me out and well... Couldn't be more satisfied with the final result. It took me around 15 hours and tbh, once I broke the two cables, I started drilling some lego bricks with a rotary tool to make more space for the cables to pass through (which made the task way slower). Ended up working quite well for me and the time invested in it was totally worth it.

1. Instructional video in their youtube channel was super useful.
2. The leds come with real lego pieces for you to make the replacement.
3. The quality of the wiring.
4. Comes with all the pieces you need to set the lights.
5. Price

1. The printed instructions didn't help me... :(
2. The video from time to time changes the direction in which the cables go, so had to do some rework there.
3. The "disco" lights, specially the led above the bridge where the colors of the four houses are (the last bag considered it as optional, so can be easily removed)
4. The wires broke easily... (which is something I understand is a risk in all Lego-lighting sets, since cables need to be small to go through the bricks).

Overall, I was very pleased with the set. Would definitely buy another time whenever I get myself anither Lego set that is worth lighting out :D.

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Josh P
A great upgrade for the castle!

Our master plan for the Hogwarts castle was to create a detailed display, including a painted background and lighting. I looked at several different light sets but landed on the Lightailing. I just finished the installation and I am pleased overall, although it was a lot more challenging than I expected. Like others have said, the wires are incredibly fragile. Several lights broke during installation. Delivery took about a month, and there was a substantial online sale less than a week after ordering that I missed out on. Once the lights arrived, I spent around 8 hours on installation.

Placement of lights
Instructional video

Tower lights are too bright
Flashing "disco" lights
Wires break easily
The final strand of lights was different than in the video, causing rework
Printed instructions were not helpful

J&J LEGO Creations
Excellent lighting set at a good price

First, the PROS:
- Full-fledged set with everything included: pre-installed LED lights, USB connectors and a battery pack (batteries not included duh).
- Excellent instructions. Step-by-step with photos of how to carefully take apart the set and install the lights.
- Beautiful lighting color design, with one exception (see below)
- Real LEGO pieces.
- Great price.
- Good customer service.

- Can we talk about the disco lights? One LED and the stand-alone "mood" lights are flashing. Why? This adds nothing to the design and is in fact quite distracting. I would rather have a slow color change than the flash-flash-flash. Luckily, it is only one small LED and the stand-alones mood lights which don't need to be connected at all.
- Tiny wires WILL get snapped no matter how carefully you try. However, a little solder and a gentle hand can bring them back to life.
- In a couple of places, it was hard to understand from the photos exactly where a wire was supposed to be laid. In those cases, it would have been good to have a close-up.

- Absolutely beautiful! This set really makes the Hogwarts Castle come alive. The lights are placed in excellent locations with nice color choices to highlight the set. A great price for everything, considering how extensive the Castle is. The flashing disco lights on a couple of the places are not appropriate, and it would be great to see them changed in future sets.

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