LEGO 2022 Marvel Super heroes Sets (Don't Miss)

We've talked about LEGO and Marvel's collaboration a few times on our blog, so you might already know it's one of our favorite collaborations because they always create a set that's truly epic. Well, LEGO Marvel sets are carrying on that tradition with some seriously cool superhero LEGO sets arriving in 2022.

Of course, we're excited to get our hands on them all, but there are 6 at the top of our list, and we wanted to share them today so you could put them at the top of yours, too! Ready to find out our most anticipated LEGO Marvel super heroes set 2022? Then let's get to it!

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6. 76205: Marvel Movie Theatrical Set

Marvel Movie Theatrical Set

Before we get started talking about this set, we have to make it clear that we don't even know which movie this set is going to be for yet. All LEGO has told anybody so far is that 76205 will be a theatrical set depicting a scene from one of the many new movies.

The rumors online at the moment all seem to be circling around Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, or Spiderman No Way Home but again, we just don't know.

Because details of the set aren't around at the minute, we had to put this at the bottom of our list, but we're excited for it anyway because we know that theatrical sets are always great from LEGO and Marvel. Not only that, but theatrical sets are some of the most fun to use lighting kits with, so naturally we're going to love it no matter which movie it's about!

5. 10784: Spider-Man's Webquarters

OK, hear us out. Is this a big brick set for ages 4 and up? Yes. Is it also based on the Disney Plus show: Meet Spidey and his Amazing Friends? Also yes. But what's really got us excited about this one is the rumored $49.99 price tag.

For a kid's set, that's pretty big which means we're going to see an amazing set - so amazing that we think adults are going to want this set too because of how awesome it could be.

Rhino has also been confirmed as a minifigure, and fans of Marvel will know that he's a seriously overlooked character and it's exciting to know that he'll feature in this set. Some people are even whispering about a Rhino big figure too, which is exciting, but not confirmed. Whatever the case, Spider-Man's Webquarters is going to be an exciting set, and we can't wait to find out more about it in 2022.

4. 76202: Wolverine Mech Armor

76202: Wolverine Mech Armor

From this point in today's post we have A LOT more information about the sets, so they all had to be higher up the list just because we know what we'll be getting and that makes us want it even more.

Set number 76202 is first up, and it's a Wolverine Mech Armor set featuring a Wolverine minifigure. We love the design of this one, because we can already see it on display with some DIY lighting kits to make it sing, but it also just looks like a lot of fun too.

The Mech Armor has movable arms and legs and giant oversized claws to attack other Mech Armor LEGO figures. This one looks exciting to build, and exciting to play with to create epic Marvel superhero battles!

3. 76203: Iron Man Mech Armor

76203: Iron Man Mech Armor

Next up is set number 76203: Iron Man Mech Armor. Another great looking Mech Armor, this one only just comes higher than Wolverine's because it has a stud shooter arm, and frankly, nothing is more exciting than a stud shooting arm! This is refreshing compared to the old Iron Man Mech Armor set too, which feels dated compared to this newest addition.

We also love that the Iron Man suit is focussed more on the gold than the red. We know it's 130 pieces, so it won't be a huge build, but it'll certainly create a Mech Armor set that's capable of holding its own as both a play and display piece.

2. 76204: Black Panther Mech Armor

We struggled placing these last 2, but ultimately settled on set number 76204: Black Panther Mech Armor on just missing out on the top spot. But what it does have is the advantage of easily being our most anticipated Mech Armor set of 2022.

LEGO Marvel sets should be fun and interactive, and this one is all of those things. It's crushing claws, movable arms and legs, and Black Panther minifigure that can be turned into Black Panther fully suited, and Black Panther with his head and hair out are all a lot of fun.

But not only is it fun and interactive, it works as a tribute piece to the incredible Chadwick Boseman who we all know brought the character to life on screen, and sadly passed away in August, 2020. We're not sure LEGO have said that the Black Panther minifigure in this set is supposed to look like Boseman, but it certainly does.

And for us, as HUGE Marvel and LEGO fans, it seems fitting that the Black Panther Mech Armor set here is put on display to remind us of how Chadwick Boseman bought an incredible character to life, in the most incredible of ways.

1. 76206: The Infinity Saga Iron Man Figure

76206: The Infinity Saga Iron Man Figure

And finally, set number 76206: The Infinity Saga Iron Man Figure. This set really is for the collectors out there. This 381 piece set also has a plaque providing information on the figure. That plaque also lets us know that it is the Mark 43 Iron Man suit, which is the one used in Age of Ultron. To a non-Marvel fan that won't make much of a difference, but for those who loved Iron Man's wit in Age of Ultron, this set feels special.

The figure itself is more traditional as a result of the movie it's based off, with a heavier focus on the red color. But our favorite thing about this is the button operated light brick in the middle of Iron Man's arc reactor. The fact that LEGO have already thought ahead and included some lighting in this display figure is great, but that doesn't mean you can't create some additional lighting to support this set with a DIY lighting kit of your own!

A Little Extra Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Making this list was NOT easy. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding with every passing month, there's bound to be more awesome superhero LEGO sets in 2022 that we couldn't possibly mention them all in this list. No matter your own most anticipated 2022 LEGO Marvel sets, though, you can always make them a little extra special with some of the lighting kits on our online store.

Remember to check back regularly to see if a kit has been released for your favorite LEGO Marvel set yet, and if it hasn't? Well, you can always create a little DIY project of your own! We're all about creativity on this blog, and finding a way to make your LEGO sets even more amazing is definitely creative.


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